This past month, my husband and I decided to upgrade our gear after many conversations of how to improve the photography on the blog and social. Going back and forth on which brand, what lens to carry, and the model, we finally came to a conclusion (much thanks to advice from our friend Thomas, check out his blog for more tips on blogging + photography).

I’ve received a lot of emails asking what camera gear I have been using, and wanted to answer your questions in a long format, all in one place.

Previously I was shooting on this Nikon D3200, which when I got it, was an incredible investment and step into the world of DSLRs. I bought the Nikon almost two years ago, and at the time knew nothing about photography. I often shot on automatic and I’ve gradually worked into shooting primarily on aperture priority over the past six months. The Nikon D3200 proved to be a great first step to begin to learn formal photography (and at an incredible price point I’ll add). But as my skills continued to progress, my aspirations for the kind of content I wanted to produce proved beyond what I could consistently achieve with the Nikon D3200. the limitations became more evident and I felt like it was holding me back for the kind of content I wanted to produce.

We upgraded to this Sony Alpha a7ii for a few reasons:

  • Full-frame sensor / 24.3 megapixels (full-frame allows you to capture more of the scene than with a crop)
  • Mirrorless sensor (better clarity and lighter, smaller camera size)
  • Larger Dynamic Range / 100-25600 ISO (handle a larger range of lighting conditions)
  • Image stabilization (crisper photos when shooting freehand)
  • Built-in WiFi (always a plus while on the road)
  • Easily-accessible manual function controls (allowing you to shoot in manual and still act fast)
  • Small form factor and light weight (perfect for travel)

Here’s a few images from our first test shoot. I am excited to continue using it and am looking forward to sharing more of this year’s travels with you!

Xx Jessica

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    Hello! I have the Sony A7ii, too. It’s a great camera! I was wondering which lens you typically use for your travel photography? I am struggling on which would be the best investment. Thanks!

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