It comes to no surprise that long days on the road take a toll. The long flights and days abroad have unequivocally changed how I view my “beauty” products, searching for products that repair and are proactive. Thus, over the past year, I have really taken my skin and hair care into a more proactive approach.

My Current Travel Beauty Bag

The issue I seem to combat the most is exposure and dryness. Whether it’s the sun, pollution in the air, dry air on the plane, or different water (like treatments in the water systems), it’s been a work in progress to find the right regimen. I remember a few years ago, every time I would travel, my skin would freak out. Dry patches, a run of sunspots, and other fun side effects would ensue. 

So after having enough of that mixed bag of surprise, I decided it was time to invest in the right products to help not only prevent but protect. All of these products are recommended and not sponsored — this is truly what I use and my tried and true. 

What’s In My Current Travel Beauty Bag

For My Face

Vintner’s Daughter Face Oil: I may have cried when I pulled the trigger on purchasing this oil. In fact, I’ve looked at this coveted face oil that seems to pull an international cult behind it, multiple times. To answer the question now, yes, it’s worth the $200. This active botanical serum with 22 nutrient-rich botanicals is a game changer for my skin. I went with the “less is more” approach when I purchased this and this oil replaced many of my “moisturizing” products. I use it at night as a standalone oil and then again in the morning if I feel like it will be a dry day (i.e: airport days, windy days, and cold temps). My skin does not have dry patches like it did before and there is a new glow to my skin. When I skip a few days of using it, I notice an immediate difference as well in my skin. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel: I first started out with a pack of 5 in a week and the next week I bought a pack of 80. The overnight difference with these peels is amazing. It’s great for removing dead skin and aiding with overall skin appearance (like aging/sun spots). 

Pre-Empt Brightening Moisturizer by Perricone MD: After applying face oil or washing my face, my everyday moisturizer is this Perricone MD with SPF. I wear SPF every single day for protection and know that I need to be careful with sun exposure (those pesky sunspots are starting to sink in). I love this face cream as it’s lightweight, not oily, and has a bit of tint to it. 

Ursa Major Face Wash: I love Ursa Major’s clean product line and have been using this wash while traveling for two years now. I also bring along eco-friendly face wipes in my travel bag as well. (Available at Bloomingdale’s)

Ursa Major Recovery Cream: I have a jar of this magic cream with me at almost all times. It’s a solid, nourishing cream. I often put it over my face oil at night for an extra boost. (Available at Bloomingdale’s as well)

Aesop Parsley Eye Cream: I’ve been using this eye cream since last June when I picked it up in Australia. I am pretty happy with it — there may be better ones out there, to be determined!

Avène Water Mist: A tried and true for a good refresh on the go.

Dr. Dennis Gross Lip Cushion: I talked about this lip repair with collagen in it a few times on Instagram. This product is a lifesaver for not having cracked lips. I felt like for so long they kept cracking and this one really does work. 

My Current Travel Beauty Bag

For My Hair

Gisou Honey Hair Oil: As I am always looking to put moisture back into my hair, Negin’s Gisou Honey Hair oil is my go-to. I bought the hair oil about a year ago and use it religiously. It takes a few weeks to have your hair get used to it but once it does, it nourishes your hair. 

Gisou Heat Protection: I had not been using a heat protectant for a while and I picked this one up after loving the other Gisou products. It works well and is lightweight which I love. 

Mason Pearson Hairbrush: It’s one of those splurge items but after using it for two weeks I can see why. I had a ton of breakage and split ends and using this brush was a gamechanger for smoother hair. I went with the travel size as it’s more cost effective and you don’t necessarily need the full size. 

Shampoo & Conditioner: I stick to Aesop and really love the nurturing line for repair and moisture. They also sell travel kits which I will grab one once a year as a good refill system for a carry-on. 

My Current Travel Beauty Bag

For My Body

Natural Deodorant: I have tried multiple natural deodorants over the years. This one that is available on Amazon is the only one that works and it doesn’t melt! I get unscented to keep it as natural as possible. 

Travel Perfume: I always pack a travel-sized perfume with me. I opt between Le Labo Rose 31 and the Miss Dior pictured.

Saje Essential Oils: You have probably seen me talking about these two oils before. I never leave without them and use the peppermint halo religiously. I recently added “sleep well” which helps calm at night. 

My Current Travel Beauty Bag

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My Current Travel Beauty Bag

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