What better way to unwind from exploring a new city than a classic spa day. After spending nearly five days roaming the streets of Prague, I did just that. I signed myself up for the Czech speciality, a beer spa at the Grand Relax.

By now you are probably thinking, “You bathed in beer?” Well, yes and no. While you do bathe in a mixture of hops, yeast, and other natural ingredients needed in the production of beer, you are not bathing in beer that has been brewed. This type of treatment has been rumored to have quite the beneficial effect on the hair, skin, and nails, as well as improving digestion, preventing blood clotting, and lowering cholesterol — all the while being incredibly relaxing.

The facilities at the Grand Relax are quite exceptional. Complete with a locker room stocked with showers, robes, and slippers — the experience is just beginning. After changing into the provided robe and weaving through the candlelit corridor, the treatment is about to begin. The beer spa room contains three large tubs, resembling beer barrels, all which are large enough for two people. The tubs are connected by two beer taps allowing access to unlimited beer (dark or light) during the spa treatment. Each tub is also equipped with its own faucet to adjust the temperature as needed. Once the mixture has been poured into the tub, the jets turned on, and with beer in hand — the hour of relaxation has begun.

Once the jets turn off, your pint of beer is topped and a commemorative photo is taken. However, the experience does not end there. The pampering continues in a dark, relaxation room where you will rest on a heated bed and while wrapped in sheepskin. The experience is completed with a half-hour beer oil massage and one final rest on the heated bed.

To top off this two hour experience, a souvenir bottle of Bernard beer is yours to bring the beer spa back home. If you find yourself in Prague, be sure to put the Czech beer spa on your to do list. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

+ Do not shower for five hours after the procedure to allow the minerals to take effect

+ Can’t make it to Prague? Buy beer spa products here to experience the luxury at home

+All photos belong to the Grand Relax Spa and Wellness

Guest post by Natasha Pleis


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