This past month, I’ve been trying out these Sudio Sweden wireless earbuds both at home and on the road, and I’m happy to report back they’re the dream.

When I say dream, I mean they check all the boxes for what I was looking for in wireless earbuds. But first, a little about the company.

Sudio Sweden was born out of need  — the founder saw Phil Collins struggling with his headphones, and from there created these earbuds. There are plenty of wireless headphones, but not many well-designed, studio sound quality, and stylish earbuds. The style has a beautiful edge of timeless elegance, with soft-to-touch materials and stunning finishes. Set with a charging cable, genuine leather pouch, and extra sleeves, the earbuds arrive ready to go. You can use your phone with them, making phone calls while on the go.

The Vasa BLA earbuds, for me, truly checked off these boxes for me:

  • Small, compact, and easy to pack
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Wireless, easy to connect with phone
  • Easy to charge, and long-lasting battery
  • Beautiful design

Sudio Sweden provides an opportunity to change the way you listen to music while on the go, and at home. For me, it meant no more tangled headphones, and easy to use while on the plane. With free worldwide shipping, these well-designed earbuds hailing from Sweden are easy to bring on your next trip.

If you’d like to get yourself a pair, use my code: bontraveler for 15% off here.

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