When packing for a trip, I spend most of my decision time on bags. Whether it fits, if can be used in multiple ways, or is it organized enough to make the cut; these are the questions I ask before tossing a bag into my suitcase.

I like my suitcase, purses, and carry-on organized and tidy. My mantra? A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Meet TRUFFLE, the brand that solved the two biggest problems in packing: organization and function.

Founded by Maria Harrington and Sarah Cusumano, TRUFFLE was born out of a love for handbags. Recognizing a problem with the disorganized mess that tends to exist in these black holes of bags, the two founders set out to solve every women’s problem. Their solution? Create slick, beautifully-designed, and functional pieces that organize the mess, and can fit in your handbag. And better yet, they took took these pieces and gave them endless functions — like a pouch that is TSA pre-approved and can serve as a clutch on a night out.

Meet the pieces I love from TRUFFLE

The Clarity Clutch Large

Why: This transparent, leather trimmed case makes packing on the go simple. You can throw in all of your accessories like a passport, pens, hair-ties, lipstick, and more into it — and it’s in one place. Easily toss it into your carry-on or purse, organizing everything inside.

Function: This large clutch has many purposes, two of my favorite being an organizer for a suitcase or carry-on, and then on destination it acts like a large clutch holding my phone, wallet, and essentials.

Shop the Clarity Clutch Large in Black.

The Privacy Wristlet

Why: This soft leather wristlet makes for a great space to put loose change, your wallet, or even be a wallet in of itself.

Function: I like to throw this wristlet into my Clarity Clutch, acting as a small bag for my accessories, or when I’m on the go, I throw my wallet and phone in it for a night out.

Shop the Privacy Wristlet in gold.

Clarity Clutch Mini + Card Case

Why: These two together can be easily used as a pair or individually. I like the small wallet for trips as it can fit into my clarity clutch, or thrown into the privacy wristlet.

Function: The card case is the ultimate size, and can fit into your back pocket. The Clarity Clutch is a small solution that can double as a clutch or an organizer for your travels.

Shop the Clarity Clutch Mini + Card Case in black & gold.

I love that I can use TRUFFLE to help organize my suitcase and purse when making my way to a destination, being sure that my bags are not chaotic. From an organizer to a clutch, the functionality of TRUFFLE has landed these pieces as my favorite for traveling with, and at home.

+ This Clarity Clutch mini in blush, and this Everyday Tote in natural are also a few other favorites from Truffle!

*Thank you to TRUFFLE for sponsoring this post.

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