Nestled in the hills of Northern California is the gem known as Apple Hill. Just about an hour away from downtown Sacramento, no fall is complete without making it up the hill.

 Apple Hill has become quite the staple in the fall agenda. Between tree farms, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, breweries, wineries, and fruit orchards, there is plenty to enjoy.

Here are some of the best locations to eat your way through Apple Hill.

High Hill

You cannot go to Apple Hill without having a classic apple doughnut. Stop by High Hill to get a box and enjoy throughout the day.
+ Tip: High Hill stays incredibly busy. Grab a box and explore other growers.
+ Not into crowds but still want doughnuts? Grab some hot apple cider doughnuts at Rainbow Orchards.

Denver Dan’s

The speciality at Denver Dan’s is the “apple thumb”. Pick an apple, get it cored, give a thumbs up, and enjoy.
+ Tip: This is also a “you pick” apple farm. Take your apple thumb into the orchard to snack on while you pick apples.

Lava Cap

Let’s face it. Driving around and dealing with the crowd can get tiresome. Treat yourself to some wine at Lava Cap. With uninterrupted views of the hillside, this is sure to be a relaxing end to your day.
+ Tip: Pack a lunch to enjoy on the deck.
+ More into beer than you are wine? Jack Russell Farm Brewery is the place for you — be prepared to stay a while as it stays busy throughout the day.

More Tips:

+ Get comfortable with the backside of Apple Hill. It’s not a secret how busy this destination is. There are plenty of farms off the main road — don’t be afraid to explore them.
+ Check out all of Apple Hills growers on their map

Guest post by Natasha Pleis

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