It’s like a good book. The kind where the page corners have been folded, smears of finger prints lie from the previous read — the kind you go back to over and over again.

That book will always be Yosemite National Park for me.

Summer, spring, winter, fall, no matter what season it is, the park takes the purest form of nature. Experiencing winter in Yosemite National Park is one to remember as the snow glistens over the valley floor, and streaks of ice mark the towering rocks.

In a quick three and half hour drive from San Francisco, we arrived to the sun starting to peak out from Half Dome with our friends Julia & Thomas. The first stop is at Tunnel View for the expanding look into the valley. The trees line the ground, filling it up with bright pops of burnt orange and dark green. I always forget how easy it is to lose track of time here in Yosemite, and it’s time to continue on.

During winter most of the main trails are closed, which is completely okay by me, as the valley is filled with all kinds of surprises. Frozen streams, snow filled fields, and coyotes prancing through in search of their next meal. As the day winds on, a lunch break is in order, and any picnic bench will do (as long as it has a view).

The day finishes off, and it’s time to head home. The book I love to pick up, now has to return to the shelf, until next time.


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