Coming to Europe for the first time during the Christmas months, I was so excited to explore the infamous Christmas markets. After hearing so much about the charm of the shops, the good smells of seasonal treats and the overall holiday spirit, I couldn’t wait to go explore the markets. We were headed to Paris first where I knew one of the best European Christmas market in the world was.

As we walked along the Champs-Elysee, I could not believe how big it was. The little shops seemed to go for miles, stretched along the road towards the Arc de Triumphe. The smells of chestnuts toasting, the sweetness of waffles cooking, and of course the famous vin chaud mulling – it was all becoming real. First thing first I went to grab my glass of vin chaud (mulled wine) and started down shop by shop exploring all of the hand-crafted Christmas decorations. Each shop had something new to offer whether it was food or gift. The foods included regional specialties like raclette, sausages, foie gras, or candies. It really was mesmerizing. At the end of the stretch I opted for a warm Nutella crepe and we made our way back down the other side of the market. Nothing quiet says holiday cheer like a ice skating rink surrounded by lit up Christmas trees. I loved taking in all of the Christmas cheer with the decorations, lights, and smells. I could see why people come from all of the world to go to one of the best Christmas markets.

From Paris we took the Eurostar to London (where we are currently). I knew the Winter Wonderland was famous in Hyde Park so I was sure to get us there within the beginning of our stay. I thought the Christmas market in Paris was large, well this one was even bigger. With the shops for all of the local foods, hand-crafted goodies, the rides, and games, there was more then enough to do for the afternoon. I loved seeing each shop and their specialty. There was candy, waffles, pretzels, polish dogs, cotton candy, more mulled wine, and other tasty treats to indulge in. I had just had lunch (silly me), so I didn’t grab anything but I had my eye out for a few things I will be returning back for! The London Christmas Market at Hyde Park was incredible and the holiday cheer is alive. The smells and sights make the experience one to not forget.

Exploring some of the best European Christmas markets, I can confidently say it is a must add to your bucket list. The magical European Christmas Markets are a destination within itself and shouldn’t be missed!

Bon Travels, Xx!

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