Growing up in Northern California I always had fond memories of our yearly fall trip. Around the months of September and October, we would all pile up in the car and head to Apple Hill which was just an hour north of us. When I define the Fall season, Apple Hill, California encompasses it all. From hot apple cider, fried apple donuts, pumpkin picking, to changing of the colors, you can do it all in this destination.

Apple Hill is magical as you drive through the countryside, the crisp air comes through the car, and before you are an array of colors. The leaves are mesmerizing as they change from shades of orange, to red, and the green ones that haven’t quite got the memo. Vineyards, apple orchards, and chestnut trees are on every corner and it makes the perfect setting for an afternoon picnic. When we went this time of year, we grabbed another couple, hopped in the car on an early Sunday morning with anticaption to relive our childhood memories.

The first stop was simple, fried apple donuts at Boa Vista Orchards. These warm, gooey, treats melt in your mouth and the sugar coating will make you want more. Of course they must be washed down with a cup of homemade hot apple cider. From here we got back in the car, bellies full with satisfaction, in search for the next farm to get another treat and fresh apples.

We took the winding, scenic route through the orchards and vineyards stopping along the way at Bill’s Apples, Denver Dan’s, and Abels . Each stop our trunk got fuller and fuller with fresh produce, treats, and well more treats.

To finish off the day we brought up a cheese and charcuterie board and decided to set up shop conveniently at a winery. Purposefully done so that we could wine taste, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the sun. At Fenton Herriot Vineyards we sat by the bocce ball court, played a few matches while munching on the day’s treats and had an amazing afternoon (Pro tip: their Syrah is to die for).

After a wonderful day at Apple Hill, we packed back up and headed home. It truly felt like a fall destination and brought us into the season with yummy treats and pretty sights.

Thank you Apple Hill for such an amazing time and look forward to coming again next year!

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