A whirlwind of a few hours and suddenly you find yourself in the color Autumn of  Upstate New York. Just 30 miles north of the city, you stumble upon Pocantico Hills where this amazing adventure awaits at a farm. All in one day you can walk the grounds of the farm, watch sheep be herded, dine at a 5 star restaurant, and shop the local market.

The farm is Stone Barns located in Westchester County. It is a nonprofit educational center that allows guests to truly interact with their choices about food and how it impacts you on a day to day basis. The sustainable farm has a variety of grass-fed livestock from sheep to cows along with free range poultry that roam the property.

My suggestion: Arrive at the farm after lunchtime and enjoy the drive. Walk the property, head over to the turkeys kept in the field, they will run straight for you because they are just that excited to see you. The pigs are interesting enough but do not forget to hold your nose. Afterwards go up to the barn, walk the shop and if there is a local market sale going on, you have to check out the fresh produce.

After getting a feel for the farm make your way to the restaurant Blue Hill in the courtyard. This truly is the highlight. The menu changes every day and sometimes every hour dependent upon what they harvested that morning. The food is interactive, for instance cutting your own greens and herbs from a soil pot and dipping it into a house-made pesto. The tasting menu is more then enough and one can really understand what it would be like to live off the garden of the farm. This dining experience will redefine what farm to table really is.

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