The ending of another year, and so much to reflect on. 2016 was a year I could not have expected. There were highs and lows, and with each season new lessons learned. Travel has had its pull on me since I was a little girl, and I am grateful to get to share that passion with each and every one of you. Your support, your kind words and emails mean the world — thank you!

Here are some of my favorite travel memories of 2016. Take a look:

+ Exploring with our dear friends, Julia and Thomas in Palm Springs and Yosemite.
Read: Experiencing Winter in Yosemite and The Dreamiest Airbnb in Joshua Tree.

+ Visiting Helsinki, Finland and feeding the reindeer!
Read: The City Guide to Helsinki.

+  Horseback riding with my dad in Scottsdale, Arizona!
Read: The Long Weekend Guide to Scottsdale

+ Exploring Spain and Portugal with my travel partner in crime, Daniella.
Read: The Where and What Guide to Barcelona, Slowing Down in Girona, Girl’s Getaway to the Four Seasons Lisbon, and The First-Timer’s Guide to Lisbon.

+ Taking to the streets of Mexico City and being moved by one of the best cities in the world with my husband.
Read: The Mexico City Guide and A Different Side of Mexico City.

+ Coming back to Lisbon, Portugal to take a look at the local art and food scene with United Airlines and Corinthia Hotels.
Read: Staying at the Corinthia Hotel and The Local Guide to Artistic Lisbon.

+ Learning to disconnect with my husband in Winthrop at these architectural huts.
Read: Disconnecting in Winthrop and The Methow Valley Guide.

+ Sailing the Greek Islands with Jaharn from This Wkndr!
Read: Sailing Santorini to Mykonos and 8 Things I Loved About Sailing The Aegean Sea.

+ Getting lost in the canals of Amsterdam, a city that should be on the top of everyone’s list!
Read: Where and What Guide to Amsterdam.

+ Going to Paris and Bruges with my mom to take in the views, to eat too many eclairs, and to walk the streets.
Read: The Alternative Guide to Paris and the Guide to Bruges.

+ Road-tripping through Tuscany with my husband, getting lost along the way, finding a small restaurant, and this hotel.
Read: Mini Road Trip Guide to Siena and all other Italy posts.

+ Taking this photo in Malta, it was my favorite photo from the year.
Read: Meet Europe’s Best Kept Secret and the Nutshell Guide to Visiting Malta.

+ Waking up before the sun, to walk into the Blue Mosque with no one else in it. I will never forget this moment, the music in the streets, shops setting up, and gazing at the beautiful interior.
Read: How to Spend a Short Layover in Istanbul.

+ Going to visit Bali and these rice terraces!
Read: All posts from Bali.

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