I am so excited to share the news that my travel prints are now available! We’ve partnered with Idyll Collective, a fine art photography print company that launched this month. Through a very extensive process, I selected 10 photos from my travels (went through almost 10,000 images) to have in this curated gallery.

It is truly an honor to be included in this opportunity alongside some incredibly talented photographers. It was a longtime dream of mine to launch travel prints, so I am very excited to share these are now available!

Over these last few months being at home, I’ve been flipping through photos from past trips. These photos take me right back to those places. So many incredible memories from over the years, cherished with others. Having these photos printed and in my home brings the wanderlust spirit alive and transports me, and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

I’ll share a little story behind each of these travel photos that were selected below. For this selection of travel prints, I decided to focus on the theme of “European Landscapes.” They are destinations in Europe that have left an impression on me over the years, places that I hold close to my heart.

So here’s a look at the photography collection launched with Idyll Collective — you can hop straight to my page here on the site as well.

A Look at The Travel Prints

About the Prints

Quality: Each print is expertly printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm paper using archival inks. It is a fine art print. The print is also protected by UV acrylic to keep the integrity of the photo.

Sizing: Each print comes in varying sizes. So when you order with Idyll Collective, you can select the sizing that works best for you.

Frames: The prints come in a custom wood frame in the color of your choice (white, black, or natural) and with white matting.

The Prints

Monterosso, Italy

Backstory: This photo was taken from the iconic walkway that overlooks Monterosso. Travis and I did one of our first big trips together to Italy and decided to spend a few nights in Cinque Terre (the five lands). One of the more popular things to do is to hike from village to village. After a few hours of winding up and down, we were greeted with this view. After snapping a few photos, a cool dip in the ocean was in store.
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Backstory: It was the second day of exploring Dubrovnik. We had no plans, but I knew we wanted to have lunch at the Hotel Excelsior outside of the city walls (recommended by a friend). I’ll never forget this day — after lunch, I noticed this beautiful area to sunbathe and jump into the water. We weren’t staying at the hotel as the area was for the hotel guests, but so badly wanted to stay for a bit and enjoy the scene. Without even asking, our server who we had spent most of our lunch talking to, asked us if we wanted to hang out at the patio next to the ocean. It was one of the most gracious and unexpected invitations. We spent the rest of a spontaneous afternoon soaking in the sun and swimming — it arguably became our favorite day from this trip. A reminder of how far one gesture can impact someone else.
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Mallorca, Spain

Backstory: For me, this photo is exactly what it is. A perfect scene of island life in the Balearics. We followed a questionable dirt trail and it took us to this viewpoint over a cala. What we found was sun-soaked terraces perfect for diving in. We stayed there until the sun fell over the blowing pine trees.
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Lago di Braies (Portrait and Landscape)

Backstory: You’ll find a few photos of the Dolomites in this collection of prints. It’s certainly the landscape in Europe that has impacted me the most. Lago di Braies may be the most iconic photography location in this part of Italy’s northern region. We woke up at the crack of dawn, drove an hour, and arrived at the lake’s edge. It was dark, you could hardly see even the tops of the mountains in the sky. As the sun started to rise, the reflections of the snow-drenched mountains reflected in the turquoise water. I remember thinking to myself now this is why everyone is here. A lake so glassy and vibrant, it doesn’t even look real.
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Backstory: I’ve always said that when it comes to photography, there is a beauty in visiting a place twice. The day before I had came to this exact same lookout over Slovenia’s Logar Valley for sunset. It looked nothing like this. The next morning I decided to make the trek again for sunrise, driving the windy road up the mountain. What I found was the softest layer of fog rolling in and out of the trees. By the time I arrived at the viewpoint, I had around 10 minutes to snap this photo just before the fog engulfed everything, with nothing left in sight. It was such a calm moment and the beauty of the changing scenery was everything I could have hoped for. Certainly one of my favorite photos from this trip.
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Hvar, Croatia (Portrait and Landscape)

Backstory: This photo for me is the allure of Hvar. Clear-water coves with people soaking it all in, and cicadas chirping in the background. After hiking across town to get here, this was one welcomed view to find.
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Alpe di Siusi

Backstory: Oh the Dolomites. Firstly, hats off to Alpe di Siusi — this may be one of the most challenging places to get to for sunrise if you’re not staying in the valley. But with a little determination, an early wake-up call, and a 30-minute walk in the pitch dark, you are awarded this view. One of those moments I will never forget from our road trip here.
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Riomaggiore, Italy

Backstory: When I look at this photo, I see many kinds of travelers. If you zoom in, you’ll see what I mean. The solo traveler taking a moment for herself. The photographer capturing all the beauty that is in that place at the moment. The sunbather with a book in hand. The adventurer in the kayak. The swimmer with their loved one, holding onto each other at that moment. As I look at each of them, I see a part of myself. A reminder at how beautiful travel is for discovering ourselves in that place.
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