As winter comes to a close, I’m already thinking summer dresses, rose in the afternoon, and somewhere warm. 

Here’s Five Summer Destinations I have on my mind and why:

1. Annecy, France
Why: It’s my favorite place to go for more then the obvious reasons of French culture and great cuisine. Picture slow days sailing away on turquoise lake waters with towering mountains in the distance. In the evening, spend time walking through the cobblestone streets lined by canals and bustling restaurants — romance at its finest. 
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2. Ravello, Italy
Why: Panoramic views begin and end from the top of Ravello, overlooking the majestic Amalfi Coast of Italy. Naturally this small town seems to be a bit quieter then its neighboring towns of Amalfi or Positano, making it a more peaceful destination.
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3. Bora Bora, Tahiti
Why: The ultimate vacation under the sun, and pure luxury in a villa over the water is the recipe for a relaxing time. Pool like lagoons, that are crystal clear, and fresh seafood is a definite win. 
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4. Santorini, Greece
Why: Oia won me over the minuted I stepped out to see its dramatic cliffs over the dark blue sea. The white houses and buildings speckle over the island’s edge, creating a beautiful escape into Greece.
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5. Riviera Maya, Mexico
Why: White sand beaches, margaritas in hand, and a whole lot of time to just be. Tulum is a place I can return to anytime of the year, making it an ultimate destination for summer fun. 
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    Erin MacNeil Reply

    Annecy looks so gorgeous! I think France may have to be my next trip 🙂

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