Do we ever need a reason to eat something sweet? Absolutely not which is what makes treats the best. But trust me I can find numerous reasons to pay a visit to this new pastry shop in San Francisco. In the Lower Haight district of San Francisco, a new up and coming dessert has hit the streets. Opening just a few months ago on the corner of Fillmore and Haight, Choux Bakery is bringing their tasty cream puffs to another level.

Yes they look to good to eat.
Yes you will probably snap a few photos.
And, yes they are stinkin’ delicious.

As a French girl growing up with the croquembouche and a die heart for French pastries, these little puff pastries hit home for me. Each pastry at Choux is designed not only to have strong aesthetics but also to be delicious with the combination of fine ingredients and amazing flavors. Each puff is named after a friend who inspired the owner Laura to open her shop. Laura’s passion for cream puffs started in Nice, France where she is from originally from and her journey took her all the way to San Francisco.

Laura’s creative mind and good taste buds come together in the form of these little pastries that hold yummy surprises in each bite. It is truly magical as you take the first bite in and sink your teeth into the middle. My personal favorites were Sunny (lemon curd with meringue), Ben (caramel custard with salted caramel), and naturally the Emilie (rum custard with crispy caramel). Choux Bakery creates the perfect moment to help celebrate any events or occasions, like when they created a custom SF Giants cream puff decorated with the logo to celebrate the World Series. Choux has branched into catering by tailoring unique, special creations with the same tasty flavors which make for a great dessert (I know what I will be ordering for my next event.)

If you find yourself in the city, make your way to this joyful bakery serving the best French cream puffs around. Thank you Choux for such a wonderful experience and tasting!

Bon appétit!


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