As I walked into the small street that define Oia as one of the most romantic towns in the Greek islands, I quickly fell in love. Little Cycladic dwellings all squished together on this cliffside, one would of thought there was a competition for the best view of the Aegean Sea. Perhaps the dark blue waters made the white-washed walls stand out or maybe the other way around, either way both were fine by me. Spending a holiday in Oia, Santorini would involve a few things.

The days were meant to be taken slow and easy. Rising with the sun and enjoying the fresh air that comes off the waters and climbs the cliff’s edge. It would be practical to enjoy a classic Greek breakfast with fresh feta cheese, a local hummus, and of course a sampling of fresh fish. I could of spent every hour by the infinity pool’s edge just watching each ripple fade away into the distance across the Caldera. Arriving in the first week of October, the weather in Santorini was the perfect balance of sun and shade. It fared well for all of the things to do in Oia. One afternoon was spent exploring the town, the next making the hike down to the sea port of Amoudi Bay just to jump in the rivaling dark waters. Being on the Oia side of Santorini meant being further away from the majority of the crowds from the cruise ships so it was less busy then say Thira. After a few days spent capturing magical sunsets, tasting the white wines of Santorini and embracing the Greek culture, it is safe to say I fell in love with Santorini.

After exploring Oia extensively, I thought I would share with you my Oia Guide.

Greek Island Holiday: A Guide to Oia, Santorini

Getting to Oia, Santorini

Santorini has a few options for arrivals. There are seasonal direct flights that land right on the island from Athens (about 4 a day) and some of the other major European cities. My personal favorite was coming by the high speed ferry to capture the views of the cliffs and enjoy seeing all of the islands. Hellenic Seaways is the best way to get here for a smoother sailing, see their website for the times and schedules. (here)

Staying in Oia, Santorini

There are so many options when it comes to staying Oia, Santorini. You could rent a villa, stay in a resort or even a bed and breakfast. Be sure when you are choosing your accommodations that you take into consideration the location; some spots are right along the footpath which means more traffic then say another spot further down and more secluded. My favorite hotels in Oia were Katikies, Kirini Suites, and Mystique. I loved Katikies for it’s simplified luxury, breathtaking views, and top service. Kirini Suites was a stunning Relais and Chateaux hotel that was further away and really grasped the intimacy of Oia. Mystique, a Starwood Luxury Collection property, had wonderful suites with enormous patios to sunbathe and enjoy the day. I have in-depth reviews of the hotels here: Katikies, Kirini Suites, and Mystique.

What to do in Oia, Santorini

There is so much to take in while you are in Oia. I loved walking up and down the streets taking photos of the architecture, hopping into the boutique stores to shop, taking long lunches and of course laying by the pool. For those looking to explore, you can easily take a taxi to popular destinations across the island like the red beach, wine tasting, Thira and other towns along the way. I think the best way to experience Santorini is by boat and sailing on the Aegean Sea. The drastic views looking back are breath-taking and you can stop along the way to hop in the water and explore places you can only get to by foot. Of course there’s always the classic donkey ride up the steps which you can do from Amoudi Bay. However you choose to enjoy Oia, Santorini be sure to relax and take in the scenery.

Indulge in…

Lemon sorbet, chocolate gelato, Santorini wines, fried calamari, fresh fish, and pair it all with a good view.

Bon Travels Xx!

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