Crunched for time between stops in Europe, I could not pass on the opportunity to go see Pompeii. Staying in Sorrento, I was headed to the Naples airport for my next destination and knew I would be driving right by a chance of a lifetime. Arriving at Pompeii, the driver was clear that all I had was 1 hour to walk around and see all that I could. For those of you who have been to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, know that clearly 2 hours is not enough time to do the full experience and that 5 or 6 hours is more appropriate. So I put on my shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, and put my game face on.

How I Spent 1 Hour At Pompeii, Italy

Walking through the grounds, I had to pick and choose what I would be able to see and what I would have to miss. There were was so much to do in this historical place that it was quite overwhelming. Each turn of an old cobblestone road showed another story of what it was like to live in this Roman city. The story of Vesuvius erupting and burying this town under ashes is an incredible point in the history of our world and we can see it first hand. With a map, it was easy to see where the main points of interest were and there were plenty of signs that gave a in depth overview of the story so I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not taking an audio tour.

So if you have two hours to spend in Pompeii, here are the sites I strongly suggest are worth seeing and pushing through crowds to take a look at:

1. The Amphitheatre
2. The Great Palaestra (gymnasium)
3. House of the Vetti
4. Forum
5. Temple of Apollo
6. Street of Tombs (Via dei Sepolcri)
7. The Basilica
8. The Baths

Pompeii is a destination that is most definitely worth seeing to experience Roman culture and stories of history. Even if you do not have a lot of time, just the opportunity to walk the cobblestone streets gives you an inside view back in time.

Bon Travels Xx!

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