I can’t believe it.

A few months ago, I shared a link for you guys to go cast a vote, for a chance to go experience Helsinki, Finland for their #HelsinkiSecret Residence opportunity. 

And thanks to your support, I have been chosen!

It’s a week stay in Helsinki, where I’ll get to experience this gem of a city as a local. I am extremely excited to go, and it’s all because of you! Thank you for your support and vote, I am beyond ecstatic to go experience the Finnish culture. Even more exciting, I can’t wait to share this story — Finland has been high on my list of top places to go in 2016, and in February I’ll be there to do just that.

So what exactly is #HelsinkiSecret Residence?

It’s an opportunity to live and experience Helsinki through the same steps as a local — all staying in the heart of the city. Different locals have shared with Visit Helsinki just what makes the city so special — the ultimate secret. With these, they want to share this with others, and see what visitors think the secret is to Helsinki from an international point of view. 

Why am I excited about traveling to Helsinki?

+ The architecture
+ The History
+ Interior space design
+ The food and culture

Be sure to stay tuned for the time there, and you can follow along live on Instagram


+Photo via Visit Helsinki


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    Congratulations! I love Helsinki so much. We live in St. Petersburg, Russia and so Helsinki is one of our favorite getaway spots. Love it and can’t wait to see your adventure!

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