Nature’s best way of letting you relax could be summed up easily, “natural hot springs”. Hot water naturally coming out of the ground, typically near fresh water sources, makes for the perfect place to spend an afternoon unwinding au natural.

This past week, we spent the weekend exploring the region of Sawtooth National Forest, and stayed at a small place in Stanley, Idaho (population 63, literally). The hotel mentioned they had natural hot springs on property along the Salmon River that was covered by a little shed. Little did we know that they had created an oasis along the river with the best seat in the house. With towels in tow, we hiked out to the river and looked for the familiar steam coming off the ground. We arrived to what we thought was a shed, and inside they had created a jacuzzi with a sand bottom. The fresh hot springs filtered in and out of the hot spring making it so that there was always clean water.

Let me tell you, this was one epic view. The Sawtooth Mountains hung over the valley in the distance, the sun set behind these jagged peaks, and the sound of the rushing river put the mood at ease. The warm tub relaxed us away into the sunset and was the perfect way to end a day of outdoor adventuring.

Hot springs are really a once in a life experience, especially these. If you find yourself in Idaho, head up to the Sawtooth National Forest and stop by the Mountain Resort in Stanley for some of the best hot springs around. 

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