I Didn’t Decide to Become a Travel Blogger

Back to the chalkboard and off brainstorming another one of those late night thoughts on my mind — of which was so easily brought on after being asked multiple times at a travel industry event last week: “so when did you decide to become a travel blogger?” 

I literally started to choke as I searched for the words that could encompass my passion for avidly traveling, capturing photos, sharing stories, and discovering ways to explore the next destination — but I couldn’t. So I mumbled some one-off answer along the lines of… “well I love travel and writing so I had a blog.” GROUNDBREAKING. I awkwardly sipped down the last of my happy hour sangria thinking to myself: “Wow, Jessica, so motivational and what a well-thought answer you moron.” Let’s be honest, my answer was underwhelming and uninspiring — which is far from what I aim for in my work.

I then had 2 hours in a car to mull over the night’s conversations. The question and my (bland) answer kept replaying over and over again, so when did you decide to become a travel blogger? — I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I thought about it…… So when did I decide to become a travel blogger? The truth is, I didn’t. I never woke up and made a deliberate decision. It’s almost as if it were always a part of me and, out of a series of evolving events, simply emerged. I didn’t wake up one day and say “ah, Jessica, you should become a travel blogger.” (I will also note it’s quite the loaded question for a multitude of reasons. We are all “trying” to become something right?)

The more I think about how I came to find myself here, in this moment, the more it becomes clear that it has to do with multiple decisions I’ve made since I was 18 years old (in the same way all our lives unfold at the hand of the decisions me make, I suppose). I chose not to accept a corporate job offer when I graduated college (another blog post to come about this). I chose to be inspired by self-employed women who encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. I fell in love and created a slight addiction for traveling with my husband. I loved to write, so I started a blog about 2 years ago to simply document my thoughts. I then took a job as an independent travel consultant where I had the opportunity to start a business of my own and learn the industry from a different perspective. I loved a good story — especially one set around travel. I loved inspiring others to be a part of a bigger story. 

All of these things came together not on one exact moment or day, but emerged from a season of my life where I was searching for the freedom of owning my business while still being able to travel, write and capture stories, and pursue my passions — all at the same time. 

So to those who asked, when did I decide to become a travel blogger, this is how: My many passions intersected at this focal point and I made a leap of faith, dove in, and hoped it would work. I knew in that moment I needed to stop doing one thing and do another (as I said, it’s all comes down to choices). Am I going to be a travel blogger the rest of my life? I hope so, but who knows. When it’s time to turn a chapter, I’ll be ready. I do know my passions lie in writing, capturing, and travel — how these may intersect in new or different ways in the future, only time will tell. 

All of this is still a road I am learning to walk down. Each month, week, and day I am discovering something new. It’s thrilling and overwhelming all at the same time. So there’s my more thought out answer. I didn’t decide to become a travel blogger, I decided to pursue my passions and find the point of intersection where they all come together. 

Maybe some of you guys can relate?

[Life, happens when you’re making plans
A song will write you, you don’t write it — Marlon Roudette]

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