“I’m not sure.” The exact words out of my mouth when my mother asked me if I liked or disliked Vienna, Austria.

I’ve heard you either love or hate it, want to go back or never return.

Perhaps my expectations were not in the right place, as ultimately everything I discovered in Vienna was on the contrary of what I thought it was.

Perhaps, I pictured it’s neighboring city, Salzburg, with mountains in the distance and a small town atmosphere.

And perhaps I didn’t do my research beforehand, it’s the largest city in Austria with over 1.9 million citizens — no wonder it would be nothing like the other Austrian towns I pictured.

The grandeur and sheer size of the city is overwhelming, with the ringstrasse acting as an anchor to the city and it’s main sites. Everything that is important in art or history, in some facet touches the ringstrasse. Also known as the Vienna Ring Road, it was built to replace the the city wall, and circle the inner city.

 Here’s what is on offer on the Vienna Ring Road:

Vienna State Opera
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Palace of Justice (now Federal Ministry of Justice)
Austrian Parliament Building
University of Vienna
Wiener Börse (Vienna Stock Exchange)
Urania observatory
Österreichische Postsparkasse (Postal Savings Bank)
Museum für Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Arts) 
Hotel Imperial
Ringstraßengalerien, also known as the Korso
Palais Schey von Koromla
Palais Ephrussi

Pretty incredible? Yeah, a bit mind blowing and perhaps that was one of my biggest struggles — I couldn’t possibly soak it all in. During our time we ascended to the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and had a chance to see an almost 360 view of the city, I finally felt oriented. 

The rich history could be felt in every corner and the luxuries of life awaited in most corners of the inner city. Posh cafes, small boutiques, and clean streets were signs that this city knew how to clean up. For a large city, it’s level of cleanliness was, well, overwhelming — something I appreciated about Vienna.

Surely you couldn’t say you went to Austria without trying Viennese coffee and pastries. The acclaimed Demel Bakery was calling my name louder than ever. Giving in, I tried a few, and was sold immediately. I can see why the rich tradition of coffee houses are alive and well, it truly is a way of life in Vienna. This of course was something I loved. An appreciation for taking a break, unplugging, and connecting with others — a key habit a few of us could learn to do, myself included.  

At the end of the day, Vienna I liked you. What I didn’t like was my expectations.

I set unrealistic travel assumptions and was sorely disappointed. 

I made the mistake, not you Vienna.

Looking back there was much to love about Vienna — charm, history, and a lot to discover in the grand streets of the city. I’ll be back. 


Been to Vienna? What were your thoughts on the city?


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    Erin MacNeil Reply

    It’s interesting you were expecting such a different city in comparison to what Vienna is. When I think of Austria the only real image I have in my head is of Vienna, I think that because it is a capital city I just assumed it to be more or less similar to any modern city! It’s interesting the impressions people get! But everything looks so beautiful, I definitely hope to go there one day 🙂


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    My husband and I traveled to Vienna this past summer and had the exact same experience and thoughts about the city! We spent 3 days in charming Salzburg and then finished our Austrian stay in Vienna for 4 days. I believe we set our expectations of Vienna prior to arrive and were a bit let down as well. Thanks for sharing…glad I’m not the only one!

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      hey Becky, thank you for sharing, I can totally understand this!

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    I totally understand what you mean about setting unrealistic or too high of an expectation on a locale before you visit. This happened to me when I visited Barcelona last summer. I was expecting soooo much which jaded my experience for the first 2 days of my visit. It wasn’t until my 3rd and 4th day there that I allowed myself to be open to what Barcelona was actually offering me (and let go of my expectations) that I started to understand what made Barcelona so awesome. Since then, I’ve learned to do research and read reviews before I go on a trip but to take everything with a grain of salt because I can’t and shouldn’t expect my experience to be exactly like the ones I read about in reviews. Traveling with little to no expectations has greatly improved how I experience a city/country. 🙂

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      Such great insight – I really enjoyed this view on Barcelona and a good reminder on expectations!

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    Vienna is one of my favorite cities in the world, ever since I went there for the first time as a 13 year old! 🙂 Now I’m visiting again this December and feeling so happy about it. I’m sure you’d love it if you give it another chance. Because there’s lot to love about it.

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      yeah I hope to go back another time, I would love to give it another chance.

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