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This past month, I’ve received numerous emails on Instagram stores with how I edit with pretty fonts and more. So I thought I would take some time to help those who are looking to up their game with Stories. It’s a great way to engage and more importantly, another opportunity to share your content! Instagram Stories: How I Edit with Pretty Fonts and More

So to start, I want to break down a few basics. There’s video and photos that can be uploaded into Stories, and how you decide to share is entirely up to you. For me personally, I enjoy imagery as video tends to be a bit more extensive for sharing. I do a bit of video, but its normally on-the-go content.

Instagram Stories: How I Edit with Pretty Fonts and More

Q1: How do you upload content that is not from the past 24 hrs?
A1: The best way to get content in that is not from the past day, is to change the date on it. One way I do this is by sending the images or video to a message on Whatsapp and re-downloading it. It changes the date to that moment so it appears in the past 24 hrs.

Q1.1: What app are you using to put videos + stories together?
Unfold is what I have been using these past few months to put together multiple images and videos.

Q2: How are you taking your photos for stories?
This is my biggest secret — rarely do I use my phone for photos. Almost all images uploaded are high-res images. I batch edit on Lightroom with my presets and upload it into Stories. Why do I do this? Because often times there is so many photos I love but don’t share so it’s another creative outlet.

Q3: What kind of camera do you use?
A3: This post goes into the actual camera gear I travel with!

Q4: If you edit on the go, what app do you use?
A4: VSCO and Snapseed is the app is the best for non-Lightroom edits.

Q5: How do you get the pretty fonts?! (*the most popular question!)
A5: So I got turned onto a little secret and I am entirely obsessed. Meet WordSwag! It is a purchased app, but the fonts are beautiful and I love how you can add it easily to images. They also have stock images, so if you want to share a quote or something else, it’s uber easy!


Q6: How do you get fonts for video?
A6: These fonts that get added over video are from an app called OverVideo!

Q7: What do you use for shooting video?
A7: All video is shot on my phone as I find that shooting portrait mode on DSLR doesn’t translate well and can only be viewed on mobile.

Q8: How can I kill it with my Instagram Stories?
A8: I love this question! I think the biggest key to success is learning what kind of content your audience likes to engage with — this takes a bit of trial and error, but eventually you’ll get an idea of what people love to see. Be authentic (cliche, I know!) but I know that I don’t do the whole talking into the video so I realized I need to be more true to myself and limit when I do. Post regularly, share something insightful, inspirational, and all of this together helps create a strong brand image!


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