The saying goes in Montréal that locals forget during the winter how green the city is in the summer and in the summer, how white the winter is. Walking around, it was evident there was no shortage of the color green. Every turn had either a garden, ivy covered walls, or a small park to hang out in. 

A local guide let me into a secret that I probably wouldn’t have known unless I had ran into. A lot of the neighborhoods have “laneways.” These back alleys that run behind houses are turned into gardens and leafy hideouts for the locals. Many grow fruit trees, vegetables, and exotic flowers that turn these concrete streets into jungles. Open to the public, they make for a great way to get through some of the popular neighborhoods in the Le Plateau Mont-Royal. 

So is Montréal one of the greenest cities? I think so. Check out these 10 leafy photos… 

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    Erin MacNeil Reply

    I would never have expected to see so much green in Montreal! The ivy was expected, but the green laneways and hideaways are a total surprise! It definitely makes me want to visit, it looks so beautiful!


    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      It’s incredible how much greenery there is, I was so pleasantly surprised!

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      Awesome so glad to hear! Montreal is incredible and is on my top list for going back to!

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