There’s a few simple rules when choosing restaurants while traveling. 1) If there is a line, it’s for good reason. 2) If there is a line, you should wait too. 3) If the restaurant is empty, well you get the point. Melbourne is one of those cities where the best cafes, restaurants, and bars beckon lines and has waits on average of an hour plus, and the Kettle Black was no exception.

Finding this place by the magic of social media, I found myself waiting on a Sunday morning in the freezing cold for almost an hour for a table outside to eat at this latest and greatest restaurant. I felt like I was rolling the dice on my investment of time and comfort to eat at here, but the ROI was worth it.

The Kettle Black is owned by the crew from Top Paddock (recently named best cafe) and Two Birds One Stone. Opening a few weeks ago in South Melbourne, this quaint and refined cafe is doing some spectacular things (hence the massive lines.)

Lunch doesn’t exist on the weekends, breakfast is the meal of choice, or as the locals call it “brekkie.” After getting our seats and the complimentary blankets to bare the winter of Melbourne, the menu was placed before us. The choices were out of this world. From hotcakes, porridge to house made burrata, it was the mesh of savory and sweet. I opted for the savory as it was near my normal lunch time but the rest of our friends went more towards breakfast.

Each plate was carefully decorated, ornate with small details like edible flowers, patterned rocket (arugula), and fine ingredients. The Kettle Black elevated the normal avocado toast breakfast to a level in which demands a line down the street. This is one of those “do not miss” places to put on the list the next time in Melbourne. The wait was worth every minute, and to call this place a “cafe” does not do it justice. This is a refined and upscale dining experience with touches of a casual- laid back environment.

If you find yourself in Melbourne, rain or shine, find the time to eat at the Kettle Black (trust me it’s worth the wait).


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    Mmmmm it’s SOOO good. I went on the weekend and LOVED it but I got there at 8.30am and didn’t have to wait – score! Bec

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