The past few weeks at home and a few emails from you guys made me realize something: I often do not share much when I am home. 

Over the last two years the blog has been focused on travel. It is a travel blog, right? As much as I love travel, I also love being home. This year has been a crazy, beautiful adventure spent mostly on the road. With that said, I was also so excited to get to be home for a full month between July and August. With a few weekend trips for my birthday, to see family, and etc, I’ve really enjoyed just being, well home.

I suppose my fear of not sharing much while I home comes down to two things:

+ Fear that it’s not about travel.
+ Fear about opening up and sharing my personal life. 

A few good chats and challenges have made me want to share a bit more about personal life, other than just travel. Through the time at home, the moments spent have shown me how many other passions I have outside of travel. Like painting, or hosting dinner parties, or redecorating and organizing. So here it is, the first of many posts like this to come. 

The first I wanted to share was my workspace, “the office.”

Truth be told, I don’t have an office. I work at a small desk inside the living room of my husband and I’s apartment in San Francisco. We’ve been in this apartment for five years now this month, which makes the time feel like it flew by. My husband and I both work from home — he has his desk in our bedroom and I work in the living room. The space has changed many times, and I think we’ve put the final touches in it.

My morning routine while working from home is almost always the same each day. I start the day with a Nespresso (always black or purple pod!) and sit on the couch to read for 15 minutes. I try my hardest not to jump into emails right away. We just got this new rug this past week (I feel like an adult now…) and love sitting on it to read as the sun fills up our apartment. The cats eventually make their way out to hang out — we have two by the way. Their names are Miko and Suki, both have plenty of personality to keep it interesting around here.

(Side note. Miko, our cat decided to christen our rug this week. We’ve spent months looking for a rug, finally decided, and brought the new one home. Within 10 minutes of laying the rug down (we were still deciding if we were going to keep it), he ran across it after eating, and you know the rest. He gladly decided for us.)

After a few minutes to wake up, I head straight to my desk and plug in. Spotify goes on and I get a jump start on emails. The rest of the day is a combination of proposals, writing, editing photos, and phone meetings. My husband and I always try to shut everything down by 5 or 6 pm, so that we can have quality computer-free time together. 

Thank you for letting me a share and thank you for all the kind emails asking to share more about life at home. I am inspired by YOU and excited for more posts like this!



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    The rug is beautiful — cats always know best!I am relatively new to your blog (and of course I love your original type of content), but I have to say, I love this post. It’s great to open up a bit, your readers appreciate it! Also, as one who also works from home in a tiny makeshift "office" (i.e dining table.. in the living room) in London, I feel you about space…Eire xx

    • Jessica Wright
      Jessica Wright Reply

      Your words are so encouraging, I really appreciate it. Small space has always been a challenge, but with the minimalistic desk style it’s helped a bit!

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    Love seeing your beautiful apartment and reading about your life in SF (I am also in SF!) Hope to see more of these more personal / day in the life posts. Cheers!

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