Travis and I have kept this amongst our close friends and family, and I wanted to share the news with you as we approach our move date! Travis and I will be spending the fall (September-December) abroad, with a home base in Barcelona, Spain!

Last year, Travis and I went to Barcelona for a week of working abroad. It dawned us that we could easily live and work from there temporarily for a season of life. We returned home from the trip with a fire lit under us and so as we got to talking, we decided to make the move. As we do have our home (and cats) here in Marin, California, we will only go for three months to start. We are both very excited for this opportunity, as both of us have always wanted a “semester abroad.”

Why Barcelona, Spain? This question keeps coming up, so I wanted to share why we chose this coastal city. When we were making our decision as to where we would base ourselves, we went back and forth between Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris. Paris was definitely a top contender for location (and being French, I adore the city), however the inventory for longterm rentals was low and those that were left were incredibly expensive. Amsterdam and Barcelona were a close tie, but after giving it some thought, Barcelona won. We love the city as even though it is big, it has that small-town vibe to it. The food is incredible and the creative energy in the city fuels us. We both love the neighborhoods and it’s incredibly easy to travel to and from within Europe.

While we are in Europe, we will be doing a bit of travel for both pleasure and work. Destinations like Croatia, Italy, Netherlands and further destinations in Spain are top of mind. Our goal is to really be in Barcelona as much as possible and savor this chapter of life. I am so excited to share this journey with you guys and will be considering a weekly journal about living abroad.

The idea of living in Europe has long been a dream of both ours, so we hope this will be the start of something more longterm. Who knows what next year will hold! I will keep the blog updated with more in-depth guides and stories on destinations we are going to and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Jessica & Travis

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  1. julia Whitehead Reply

    I look forward to hearing about it! I have a similar dream!

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Amazing! I can’t wait to share more of the journey!

  2. So cool and I’ve been wanting to do this. Do you need a visa or anything to do this?

  3. Sounds amazing!! I hope you’ll share a lot along the way and share more about the “work” part of the adventure!

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