As much as I love staying in a hotel when I travel, I find that when I go to Paris I prefer an apartment. Perhaps it’s because every morning I wake up I feel like a Parisian when I make my coffee, sit in bed and take in the views from the balcony. Something about having a full apartment with a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom, makes the experience incredibly different. When I rent an apartment in Paris there is three things I do every single time.
First, I run to the local flower shop and grab a bouquet of peonies to make the apartment feel even more like home.
Second, I stock the fridge with my favorite goodies, like brie, a bottle of wine, and of course I have to grab a few baguettes.
Third, instead of cramming all of my belongings in one room like a hotel, I spread out and use every corner of the apartment – this is my favorite thing.
My computer goes in the sitting room, my luggage in the closet, my books in the living room, and so on. It is one thing to visit Paris and another to live like a Parisian. Staying in an apartment truly gives you an authentic experience as if you were living in the city, and what better place to do so in Paris?

The trickiest parts of choosing an apartment is reliability, quality, and consistency. One of my favorites is Luxury Retreats, a company founded in 1999 that sought out to create personalized villa vacations with the best accommodations across 50 destinations and that’s exactly what they did. The team at Luxury Retreats hand picks and personally inspects each luxury property to make sure it is the very best for the guests. When you travel with Luxury Retreats, there is complimentary concierge services that can assist with any support which makes travel a breeze. I love having the confidence in booking a luxury apartment knowing what it is I am receiving and that it has been vetted out by a travel professional for high standards. Plus when you stay in an apartment in Paris, you have the comfort to stay longer, settle in, and enjoy the city.

Now this is where the fun all starts, choosing an apartment. I went through all of Luxury Retreats’ apartments in Paris and handpicked my favorite three. I took into consideration the location, size, and style. Location is crucial when you visit Paris, so I tend to stick around Saint-Germain-des-Pres for easy access to the best neighborhoods. Size is dependent to your needs, often I work a bit when I travel so I prefer two bedrooms for more space. Finally style, I love to feel like I am in Paris with details in the decoration and layout.

These are my favorite three apartments in Paris by Luxury Retreats…

1. Git-le-Coeur

What I love:
Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar
Large windows with tons of light
Modern touches with Parisian luxury

2. Le Saint Benoit

What I love:
Two levels with views over the Parisian rooftops
Balcony & terrace – the best place for an afternoon coffee
Spacious with attention to details

3. St Germain Rennes

What I love:
Perfect location, walking distance to great points of interest
Bright & cheerful decorations
An incredible kitchen

There are quite a few more apartments to choose from in Paris by Luxury Retreats, these were just a few of my favorites. Next time you find yourself traveling to Paris, settle in, grab a bottle of wine, and live like a Parisian.

Bon Voyage, Xx


All photos provided by Luxury Retreats, as always all opinions are own by Bon Traveler

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