The local dishes to try in Bali feature a wide range of flavors, making these traditional dishes incredible delicious. For those looking to get a taste of Indonesian cuisine, Bali has a wonderful food scene. There is definitely a rise of more health-forward restaurants, like vegan cafes and plenty of acai bowl spots, but for those looking to get a taste of the local dishes, Bali has plenty to offer. (Checkout 20 incredible restaurants in Bali and 6 Best Hotels around Bali).

Here are some local dishes to try in Bali:

Babi guling (suckling pig)
I remember when we first planned our trip, the few local dishes to try in Bali included this. I had seen an Anthony Bourdain episode where he ate this at a small stall (Naughty Nuri’s) in Ubud and I was determined to get there. It was incredible —  paired with a cold beer, it couldn’t have been a better meal. 

Ayam Betutu (Balinese chicken and sticky rice, wrapped in a banana leaf)
During our trip, I may or may not have developed a slight addiction to eating these after finding a spot in Ubud that did them perfectly. They are so savory, and the flavor that comes from the banana leaf is addicting. (Head to Warung Pulau Kelapa in Ubud).

Mie Goreng (noodle dish)
If there was one dish my husband ate the most in Bali, it may have been this. Crispy noodles topped with fresh produce and a grilled meat perfects this local dish. 

Nasi Goreng (rice dish)
This is essentially the same as Mie Goreng, but instead the noodles are switched out with fried rice. I personally preferred this preparation of goreng, and loved the mix of flavors.

Soto Ayam (chicken soup)
Out of the local dishes to try in Bali, this one cannot be missed. A hot sizzling soup with turmeric chicken broth, it’s topped with cilantro and spices, a boiled egg and fried shallots. It’s my go-to comfort dish and often make it at home. (a soto ayam recipe).

Nasi Campur (rich dish)
This was a fun dish to try in Bali, and reminded of a take on tapas. The dish is served with rice in the center, either turmeric or regular rice. Around the center, small portions of stewed vegetables, hot sambals, and meats are place. You mix it together and top it off with hot sauce. 

Rendang (beef dish)
I think of this dish as spicier version of a beef stew. A rich sauce stewed with beef, and then served over rice.

Sate lembat (satay)
Bali know’s how to grill meat and their take on satay is no exception. Rich flavors, incredible dipping sauces, and you have yourself an incredible dish. 

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