Meet The Lounge, a membership-based community for travelers. Conversation, intel, and daily behind-the-scenes life by Jessica Wright.

Over the years of sharing my travels on Bon Traveler, I’ve desired to create a more connected and intimate space. A space where I can share all of my travel intel from hotels I have my eye on, to saved Airbnb listings and the travel tactics that don’t quite make the blog. A place to be more open and share the behind-the-scenes of daily life, travel planning, and the places that inspire me. I want it to be casual, informal, and full of all of those good tips.

Through creating Bon Traveler, I’ve helped countless people plan their trips from answering questions on how many nights to what’s the best part of “x” to stay in — and I want to continue doing this over in The Lounge where I can be more present and answer these travel questions.

The membership will give access to how I think about travel planning and do so on the go and before a trip, and the key elements I value to create memorable experiences. It’s a place to be inspired and discover those gems that I don’t always share publicly. A space for me to be more personal and open that is in a more private community. Lastly, a space for me to connect with you to answer travel questions and for you to connect with other like-minded travelers.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the private Instagram account featuring exclusive and curated travel content accessible only to members.
  • An open space for all of the travel-related questions.
  • Access to ongoing content pieces that will be exclusive to The Lounge members only on Substack.
  • Access to the private community (off IG)
  • Lounge exclusive discount codes with travel partners

Membership Cost

$67 annual membership fee

**The price you sign up for will be your ongoing annual fee thereafter regardless of membership fee changes.
***It will be billed as an automatic yearly subscription when you submit payment on Paypal.

How to Join

  • Submit payment via Paypal here. (Paypal account is not required, can pay with any kind of card)
  • Request to follow @bontravelerlounge
  • Fill out the form below to confirm your details (your email will be used for a Substack invite)

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    Why have a membership?

    There is a lot of travel advice that is shared on my blog and also a ton that isn’t. I’ve been attracted to the idea of creating a space for my readers that is private and unique, offering exclusive travel tips for the avid and thoughtful traveler.

    Every week I receive dozens of messages asking for travel advice — from where to stay, to big decisions around honeymoons and big trips. It takes a lot of my attention and time. For me, this is a way to better suit these requests while valuing my time. My blog, Bon Traveler, has offered free travel resources for over 7 years and this exclusive (ad-free) membership allows me to give more to my community and provide curated travel insight.

    As a lover of great design and thoughtful travel, I’m constantly discovering accommodations and gems that I save for myself. So, what better place to share than with a private community that loves it too? Consider it like a live Pinterest board — I’ll be constantly sharing finds that interest me. I consider The Lounge a space where travelers cross paths at the airport, sharing all those coveted travel tips. My hope is you’ll get to connect with other like-minded travelers through this.

    What’s the difference between what is shared on The Lounge vs. the blog?

    l will continue to share travel guides on the blog and other travel resources. Over on The Lounge, I’ll be sharing my personal accommodation lists + finds that often never make it to the blog. It will be a place to be more open and personal, I want it to feel like we’re having coffee together. As I am traveling, I’ll be sharing snippets of all elements of the experience.

    It will also be where more of my travel tips will land first and there will be unique resources and perks for members only. You may have noticed that I stopped sharing Airbnb roundup posts at the beginning of 2021 — they were the most read content on the site because who doesn’t love a swoon-worthy stay? Well, those are coming back here at The Lounge and you’ll have first and only access.

    When can I join?

    You can join any time of the year. The content is saved in posts + highlights and always accessible so you don’t miss out on past travel tips shared.

    Is this a travel planning service?

    No, I am not offering customized itineraries or travel planning services. It is a casual space to cover travel questions. It is for general questions like “which hotel is better in San Francisco?” “how many nights do you recommend in Santorini?” — not for questions like, “can you help me plan my two-week trip to Italy?”

    My messages will be open on the private account to field general travel questions.

    Where will I find everything for the membership?

    Right now, I’ll be sharing all of the content on the private IG account and publishing private content on Substack. I have a few other plans in the works for a community element as well which I hope to launch this fall.

    What if the travel content doesn’t pertain to me (i.e I’m not traveling to “x” destination)?

    The core of The Lounge is not just accommodation/destination recommendations, it is a place to dive deeper into travel at its core. How to plan, what to look for, the ins and outs of the travel world, and how I go about it.

    And as we reemerge into the global travel world, you’ll get the first look at my new finds. There is a backlog of content that has never been shared as well, so I will be sharing those here first. (Kind of like the bucket list Puglia, Italy road trip we thoroughly planned and booked but didn’t get to go on!)

    What will the price point be for the accommodation recommendations?

    It will be thoughtful, well-curated accommodations rooted in design and a memorable experience. I believe you can find this in a range of price points however, this is not geared at all towards “budget” travel in the sense of $50 a night kind of places. I’m a big dreamer, so I’ll be sharing those hit lists alongside more other cost-friendly accommodations.

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