Once in a Lifetime Hike

In Part 1 of Lucerne, Switzerland I had promised a day itinerary that would be one of a kind. So here it is. It is a 5-7 hour hike up and down 3,000 feet of elevation over looking Lake Lucerne. It sounds like a trek and I promise it is. It will bring you through villages that are only reachable by foot, you’ll see clear into the alps and will feel so rewarded at the end of the day. For this excursion you will need a backpack, a few liters of water, snacks and a lunch.

Head to the tourist office in downtown Lucerne and get a map for the “hike from Brunnen to Flüelen.” This map is crucial to have for the hike as it will show you the many options to go by. The hike is strenuous but very doable. If coming from Lucerne, take the train to Brunnen, make sure to get on by 10:00 am as it will take 50 minutes to get there. When you arrive in Brunnen, follow the signs as indicated on your map through the small village. Now up you go! You will climb very high then go across the mountainside for a few hours. Then you will drop down into the small village of Sisikon. This is the best place to have lunch and jump in the water for a cool off. After lunch you will head back up the hill and go up and down for what seems like forever. Along the way before the famous Tellskapelle Church there will be a little brewery that is a great place to stop for a cool drink before finishing the journey.

Next will be the world famous Tellskapelle Church along the waterside which is only reachable by boat or by foot. From here you will carry on up the hill and back down into your final destination Flüelen. When you arrive you will take the train back to Brunnen and then a connecting back to Lucerne. Make sure to check all the train times for the day as they are very limited coming back.

This hike was life changing for me, I never thought I could be so amazed by the views. At some point you feel like you are in another world. I felt safe the whole time as there are many other people doing the same hike and everyone is friendly. Lucerne sure has more to offer but this hike is a must do.

(the photos are in order of the hike from start to finish)

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    Rebecca Almeida Reply

    Gorgeous photos Jess! I must include Lucerne on my go to list next time I’m in Europe! I love the details that you include here for the hike, please keep up these posts and inspire us all to see these out of the way destinations. It’s really fun to plan on some new locations!

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