With many days on the road, along the way I have developed some of my best and worst hotel habits. It’s the kind of habits that I didn’t realize I developed until recently a friend pointed it out. Some are good, some are bad, and everything else falls in between.  My Best and Worst Hotel Habits

There are some that will change the way you stay in a hotel room for better and others that I probably should work on. Like did you know, most “glasses” by the sink are only wiped with a towel? Keep reading to see more of…

My best and worst hotel habits.

Hotel Habit #1: I never get the room cleaned for less than 3 nights.
This is my tried and true habit and one I learned after realizing how much waste there is when it comes to cleaning the room each day. Sure it’s a luxury to have and every once in a while I’ll get the room cleaned, but I always keep my towels and ask to not have the sheets changed.

Hotel Habit #2: I immediately remove all toppers on the bed.
My worst nightmare is decorative pillows and those never-cleaned throws. It’s one of the first things I do in a room, taking these off and putting them in a corner.

Hotel Habit #3: I completely unpack within minutes of getting in.
With many days on the road, it’s the little things that make hotels feel like home so I start with unpacking. I won’t do it for a one night stay but always for two nights or more. I pack light generally so I don’t have a ton with me, but what I do have I put it in its place.

Hotel Habit #4: I never use the glassware… (pending the hotel).
One of the secrets I learned early on in the industry was the lack of cleanliness in a room, and one area that gets overlooked is the glassware. Those cups by the sink are often only cleaned with a sanitized towel and not heat cleaned meaning they’re far from clean.

Hotel Habit #5: I get a new toothbrush at almost each stay. 
This is my worst and most wasteful habit, and I am painfully aware of it. I think the idea of a moist toothbrush in a suitcase where there are shoes and clothes that have been outside grosses me out. So I always use the toothbrush in the room or ask for one on check-in. I will say, recently I have been better at this as I know it’s incredibly wasteful.

Hotel Habit #6: I always clean up the room before I leave and put towels in the shower.
I’ll never forget the way I saw a family leave a hotel room in Krabi, it looked like a tornado hit it. The image of the cleaners having to deal with that mess stuck with me forever. So I try to do my part to leave the room the way I received it, putting back things where I took them. My final touch is gathering all of the towels and sticking them in the shower/tub.

Hotel Habit #7: I never go barefoot in the room.
It’s just gross.

Hotel Habit #8: Flip-flops are sometimes necessary in the shower.
I always pack a pair of rubber flip-flops just in case. Trust me, one shower in a budget hotel in Vietnam will have you wishing you brought these along.

Hotel Habit #9: I always use my safe to lock valuables. 
I always toss my valuables in. I was on a recent group trip and was quite shocked by how many people leave their valuables like passports and computers out for the day.

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  1. This was an interesting post! I might even want to do one like this in Finnish now :).

    Numbers 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 are things I also do. Even though I mostly stay in 5 star luxury hotels, I still don’t trust the cleanliness enough to walk barefoot (except the bare minimum) and I never use the glasses by the sink or on the night stand. Sometimes I use wine glasses etc. from the cabinet, but even that grosses me out a bit.

    I’ve also started skipping sheet changes, but I still want the rest of the room to be cleaned and towels changed, even though I know it’s wasteful. But we are used to an extremely clean home, so we expect the same from a hotel stay.

    I might have misunderstood the toothbrush thing, but how about using a plastic case for your toothbrush and putting it in your toiletry bag? I always use that and then just wash the case when I get home. This way I can use better toothbrushes and be more environmentally friendly :).

    By the way, have you ever thought about asking the hotel not to put on the toppers? For example sending them an email beforehand? I haven’t done that, because the bed looks better for photos that I need to take when I arrive, but they are pretty disgusting, so it might not be such a bad idea to ask them to remove them (or at least not to put them back).

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