As an avid traveler, there are times when one just can’t always be traveling. During these times one may find it best to be surrounded by things that inspire travel. One of those is globes. Not just any globes, but ones made by  Bellerby & Co Globemakers.

Bellerby & Co Globemakers is a one of a kind company who are recreating as we know today, the globe. These are not just any globes you would find at your local store, they are handcrafted, well thought out and artisanal. I stumbled upon their company and brand a while back via their instagram account and my mind was blown. As you look through all of their styles and designs, you realize this is not your “average” classroom globe.

I dove into the company more and started to comprehend the length and work that goes into creating one globe (which also explained the price). The founder, Peter Bellerby put two years into learning just the art of globe-making which started as a desire to make a globe for his father. A few years later, he started the Bellerby & Co in his house. Each person who works at the studio located in North London spends 6 months of training to learn how to make a globe. The art of placing a piece of paper over a spherical object takes much practice. The staff at Bellerby & Co all specialize in making one kind of globe only because of the difficulty involved. It is truly remarkable to think how much goes into just one globe.

These globes are quite an investment piece as the ones created by Bellerby start at 1,000 and go up to 100,000. But when one starts to look at these masterpieces created by Peter, the price is an investment not just into a globe but into a piece of art that represents much more. Acquiring a globe represents  a genuine interest in the world around us and an appreciation for geography. 

I never thought I would become so educated about the process of globe-making, but it has been a pleasure to be inspired once more by another form of art. These globes are stunning and it has been wonderful to see all that goes into it. Like always, being surrounded by inspiring art is a great way to see the world through another person’s eye; and that I believe is a form of travel.

To watch a short video on the history of Bellerby Globemakers, click here

And for inspiring photos of what goes on at Bellerby Globemakers, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed.

All photos provided by Bellerby & Co Globemakers

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