Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room or you’re furnishing a new home, accent chairs are a must. These neutral statement chairs are designed to complement your current seating and add just that pop of eye-catching design to a room.

For me, the accent chairs are the best pieces to invest in and I’ll share why. They’re often the least used but they’re the most unique and eye-catching. Couches or large lounge seats are desperately needed to be comfortable and there are only so many designs for this. With the accent chair, they have to be just comfortable enough which means a lot more wiggle room in the design.

You’ll find that accent chairs are often pricey. Material choice plays a lot into this, especially when you look at wood, handwoven seats, or mixed materials. The design is a bit more complex in terms of what goes into it as well. So you’ll find that the price of a well-designed chair can run pretty high. With that said, the accent chairs you put into a room can make or break a space. They can add a lot to the design and feel, or they just can occupy space. I like to opt for good design and find these pieces always worth investing in.

Thankfully there are a few retailers who’ve gleefully “replicated” popular designs, so you can get some without breaking the bank. I’ve included a few of those in this list and then others that would be more of an investment. And when I think about an accent chair for a living room, I love to go for timeless (neutral) and statement pieces. Ones that *pop* and maybe can lean more for form over function.

Here’s a roundup of my favorite neutral statement chairs for a living room.

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Neutral Statement Chairs For a Living Room

Teagan Lounge Chair

Made of Sungkai Wood and finished in rich black charcoal, this is one of those chairs that pop. I’m a huge fan of rattan as it wears beautifully and is surprisingly comfortable to sit on.
Source from Shoppe Amber Interiors. As part of a partnership, use code “ JWRIGHT15 for 15% off your Amber Interiors Order.

Stature Ivory Chair

Always a sucker for boucle, the soft material gives it a wonderful dimension. This one is designed by Caleb Zipperer for CB2 and I love that it can be used in the dining room or as an accent chair in a living room. Source from CB2.

Upholstered Natural Wood Accent Chair

Target does it again with this classic wood accent chair (many other retailers have similar ones for 3x the price). And at a price that won’t break the bank, I love this take on this style of chair. It also comes in three material choices, though oatmeal is certainly my favorite.
Source from Target.

Pillow Lounge Chair

I can almost feel how comfortable this chair feels. This pillow-style lounge chair is for a room that needs that extra relaxed look.
Source from CB2.

Shaka Accent Chair

A bohemian chair that makes a statement. This oversized accent chair takes a wooden curve and combines it with a cantilevered seat. I love chairs that you can see under for rooms that may need a less chunky piece of furniture. Source via Lulu & Georgia.

Astor Faux-Fur Accent Chair

I had to include our living room chairs in this list because, after two years, we still love them. They’re uber soft and have a faux-fur meets boucle material to it. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable. I randomly was able to find them on Neiman Marcus, though many sellers have them.
Source from Neiman Marcus.

Ross Chair

Every once in a while West Elm has a design or two that catches my eye and this Ross Chair felt like an absolute score. I love the material combinations of wood, iron, and sherpa material. It feels very bohemian meets contemporary.
Source from West Elm.

Sadler Ivory Accent Chair

For a more mid-century neutral chair, this Sadler in ivory captures it all. Very slick and contemporary in its design, I could see this piece fitting well with a mid-century style house.

Source from Crate & Barrel.

Nichols Rustic Wood Chair

Target does it once again with these sitting chairs and I love the Mallorcan-looking wood chair. Well balanced as an accent, especially complimentary if you have a lot of linen in a room as well. I saw another retailer selling a nearly exact design for double.

Source from Target.

Keane Leather Chair

A rich cognac leather adds a subtle allure to a living space and these chairs embody all of that. I love the simplicity of the design yet strikingly bold.
Source from Shoppe Amber Interiors. As part of a partnership, use code “ JWRIGHT15 for 15% off your Amber Interiors Order.

Willo Arlo Chair

An easy-going chair that won’t break the bank with a few materials combined to lighten up a space. Source from Wayfair.

Shinola Michigan Chair

As part of the new collaboration between Shinola and Crate & Barre, this Michigan Chair is the perfect oversized sunken chair. Love that it sits deep but still feels airy with the wooden legs.
Source from Crate & Barrel.

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