It really didn’t dawn on me how much our bathroom has changed until I was editing the before photos. When we bought this home we knew right away that a bathroom renovation was in order. Travis and I spent weeks going back and forth on it, as it is a small bathroom and our one and only. The pressure was definitely on us to make sure to get it right. So with some creativity and Travis’ design and engineering background, we created a plan to make this bathroom not only functional but feel more spacious.

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After
Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Travis took on the battle of demolishing some very thick tile, re-framing, plastering, and mounting everything in this bathroom. So first and foremost, hats off to him — I am SO impressed by the work he did. The only work hired out was the electrician, plumber and a tiler, he did the rest, self-taught. It’s amazing what you can learn online!

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

It was amazing to see it all come together in the last stages, as it all seemed to be done in a matter of a few days at the very end. After weeks of hard work in the bathroom, you quickly forget how many decisions you make in the beginning. You really don’t see all the elements together until everything is placed.

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

So here’s a look at what changed in our bathroom.

Our Bathroom Reveal

There were some big changes that you can see right away and some small ones that may not be as noticeable in photos. Our theme is geared to a wabi-sabi feel, so we went with as many natural materials as possible when choosing the elements for the bathroom. We really loved the feeling of plaster so ended up sticking with it instead of painting over it (that’s the shadowing you see on the walls). It has a totally different feel to it, in a magical kind-of way.

The Renovation

Here are the big changes:

  • Removed all existing materials
  • Removed the overhead soffit around the bath to bring in more natural light
  • New tile in bath
  • New plaster walls
  • Matched the wood floors to the rest of the house
  • New floating counter and vessel sink to create more room
  • New vanity light fixture
  • New window sill, door trim, and base boards to match rest of house
  • Repainted vanity cabinet and all trim
  • New window coverings

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Smaller, subtle changes:

  • New bathtub with a wider, flatter interior than the original so there’s more room to stand (the new tub is the same width as the original, but 6 inches shorter, which created room to add the new niche wall)
  • Reframed bath/shower enclosure and added niches for storage
  • Replaced the toilet with one that mounts further back to keep it more out of sight and create more space in front of the vanity
  • Chose a smaller vessel sink so that there is more space
  • Replaced the traditional toilet paper holder with one that’s fully recessed into the wall and relocated it to the shower wall so it’s out of sight
  • Relocated all light and fan switches to a single location near the door

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

What we kept from the original bathroom:

  • The overall room layout
  • The built-in, mirrored vanity cabinet

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

Our Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

The Master Shopping List

What’s absolutely incredible is that the only thing we picked up in person was the shelf! Everything was purchased online (cheaper) and delivered to the home, even the bathtub. It saved so much time and money to do it this way. Here’s our list:

Lighting & Counter:
3-bulb vanity light | West Elm
Bamboo window shade | Arlo on Amazon
Custom re-claimed wood bathroom counter | Sourced from Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, CA
Floating counter brackets | Shelfology

Sink & Toilet:
White Vessel sink | Amazon 
Vessel Sink Faucet in polished brass | Kingston Brass on Amazon
Modern toilet | Kohler on Amazon

Shower & Bath:
Bathroom tile in Vintage Rose Zellige | Clé Tile  
Cast-Iron Bath | Kohler on Amazon
Tub and Shower Faucet Set in Polished Brass | Kingston Brass on Amazon
Shower Curtain rod in polished brass | Amazon
Shower Curtain Rings in polished brass | Amazon
Towel Rack in polished brass | Amazon

Aesop Hand Wash 
Aesop Shampoo
Aesop Conditioner
Aesop Hand Wash 

Bath Linens Pictured from Parachute Home: 
Waffle Hand Towel in Tan 
Linen Shower Curtain in White 
Hand Knit Bath Mat in Natural 
Tassel Bath Towels in White

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  1. Oh my goodness what an amazing transformation! I love the new sink too.

  2. What are the dimensions of your bathroom? We just purchased a home and after stripping back some drywall, we can see the original layout may have been similar to yours.

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