Travis and I were on one of our many commutes between Marin and Sacramento while we split our time for the moment, itching with excitement for the move. There are SO many parts of our move to Sacramento that we can’t wait to experience and having a timeline makes it feel all that much more real.

After being in the Bay Area for 10 years, the change of scenery is going to be a welcomed change. So as we went back and forth in the car on what we are looking forward to, here are a few of the top things we are excited for!

Our Move to Sacramento: 6 Things We are Looking Forward to

1. A walkable + bikeable city.

One of the things we could hardly do in the city due to our location was walk and bike to restaurants. With downtown Sacramento being flat and accessible, we can walk and bike to pretty much everything! While we’ve been renovating, we’ve walked to our local coffee shop each morning and it’s made us so full of joy to be able to connect with the city in a new way.

2. A new food scene.

Yeah, restaurants are always a draw — we can’t wait for this part of discovering Sacramento. There are SO many places to check out and always makes for an adventure. Last week, we ate at Localis and had such a wonderful experience! 

3. Making a home.

Moving to Sacramento has meant we’ve been able to have our own space for the first time ever. Home projects are always a favorite and we love a good renovation where we can be creative. If you haven’t met the @themindfulmaison on IG, that’s where we are sharing our updates on the home project!

4. Proximity to new destinations (and ski!)

Sacramento’s proximity to so many new destinations already has me itching for a fall road trip. A few areas I’m excited to explore more in-depth include Amador and El Dorado County. Sacramento also has a great location to the ski resorts we love, so will definitely take advantage of that come winter.

5. Making new friends.

Undoubtedly the scariest part of our move is making new friends and equally exciting. We have a few friends in the area but for the most part, will be starting fresh. It’s one of the biggest unknowns and once the big home project is done, we will be embracing this in full!

6. Close to family.

One of the top reasons we chose Sacramento was the chance to be close to family. We both have close family nearby and there is nothing better than getting to see our loved ones more frequently. We are both feeling grateful for the opportunity!

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