As part of the renovation process, one of the major rooms we are renovating is the bathroom. As our home has only one bathroom, it is super important that we nail the space and size.

The original bathroom was what they call a “wet room” with tile all around. So Travis first set out to demo this when we were in our demo stage of the house. Our inspiration for the bathroom is to give it a mix of natural tones, textures, and odes to the past. Here’s a look at our inspiration for the bathroom renovation!

Our Tudor Bathroom: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

Our Tudor Bathroom: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

The Floors

We went back and forth A LOT on the floors. My biggest concern was that it was “water-safe” and wouldn’t have any mold or mildew issues. So though we wanted to do stone, we decided to opt for the same rustic wood floors as the rest of the house. We knew this would keep it simple and in line with everything else in the home. 

Other flooring we considered was slate stone, those saltillo tiles that of course I can’t get over, and limestone. I loved the feeling of all of these floors though ultimately the wood floors won. 

Our Tudor Bathroom: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

The Shower (Tile + Fixtures)

The one area of our bathroom that was getting tile was our shower. We knew we wanted to get a more modern tub base for the shower, so we opted with a more spacious model from Kohler’s line. For the tile around it, we have both been obsessed with zellige tile. For me, it reminds me of my stays in riads in Morocco and homes in Europe. There’s something magical to it — the texture, unevenness, and beauty in the imperfection. We both leaned towards Clé Tile’s zellige line for this.

In the shower, we want to add niches for product storage  — Travis made these while re-doing the framing for the new tub. For fixtures, we’re leaning towards brass as we love the pop against the zellige. The blend of old and new is one of our favorites and hope the shiny brass will do just that.  

Our Tudor Bathroom: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

Vanity (Floating Shelf + Light + Sink)

The final piece of the bathroom we had to adjust was the vanity. We removed the original and decided to opt for a floating shelf to save space. This was one of the toughest design elements in the room and thanks to Travis’s engineer background and he sorted the best option.

With the floating shelf, there will be a smaller sink than usual to save space and will have a bit of an overhang look. We’re looking at white round ones that pitch up as well to give it a modern look. For the faucet, we will match the shower with the brass look as well.

The final piece is the light and we love the vintage, mid-century bulb look. We’re thinking we will keep it with the three bulbs!

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Our Tudor Bathroom: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

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