One of the first things we committed to do before moving in was renovating both the kitchen and the bathroom. 

The kitchen is one long hallway and the counter depths are not your standard size, so that’s something we have had to consider when renovating. We’ve been going over the plans for a few weeks now, playing with ideas around cabinets and colors. We’re not going to move walls or change the space drastically but make it a bit more functional. So as we plan out and begin demo this month, here’s a look at our inspiration for the kitchen remodel.

Our Tudor Kitchen: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

The Floors

The floors have been the most challenging thing for us to decide on. We knew we wanted to really preserve the 1920’s Tudor look which is often wood. In some other universe, I would have loved to have done hexagonal saltillo tiles, but it has too much of Spanish influence. When we got the house, the floors were linoleum and we had our fingers crossed that the original flooring was underneath. The rest of the house is the original wood 2×2 floors. After pulling up the lino, we lucked out to find beautiful fir subflooring which we want to keep. 

We will be keeping the wood floors, giving it a sanding and a new seal, and keeping it as is!

The Countertops

This for us was the easiest decision — Carrara marble! We know that marble is soft and often shows stains and etching, but that is something we love. We decided early on with the home that we would embrace the imperfection. We want the surfaces of our mindful maison to show time, to show the rings of a wine glass from a late night conversation, and to be well loved and lived in. 

The left side of the kitchen (or the sink/window side) will get the marble tops whereas the range side has a different plan. 

Source 1 | Source 2

Our Tudor Kitchen: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

The Cabinets

We at first thought we were going to gut out the old cabinets and then realized that they are actually the shaker cabinets we love! They are already the right size and just need some love (like a week’s worth of sanding!). We will have no upper cabinets and instead will install some floating shelves above the sink side of the kitchen. 

For color tones, we envisioned a soft green, one that reminded us of those greyish skies that meet the pine trees of Northern California. We’re in between Pigeon by Farrow & Ball and Sage Green by Benjamin Moore. 

On the range side of the kitchen, we’re popping out the two cabinets, sliding the range all the way over and putting in this custom piece. It’s a rolling kitchen island that can be used as a work station as it’s counter height. It reminds me of my family’s homes in France who add in these pieces for function. 

Source 1 | Source 2

Our Tudor Kitchen: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

Hardware + Sink

Antique brass is the name of the game for the kitchen. We’re on the hunt for vintage pulls that feel worn and loved. Above the range, we will be putting in a long brass pipe to hang pots and other kitchen things on as well.

For the faucet, we keep going back and forth between a single turn lever or a classic two-knob faucet. We love the look of the two-knob but want to consider the ease in use of the single lever. The sink will be a classic apron, white farmhouse sink. I love the look of it popping out over the counter’s edge. 

Two-Lever Brass by WhitehausVintage Whitehaus Bridged Two-Lever | Whitehause Single Lever

Kohler Whitehaven Apron Sink | Classic Antique Brass Cup Pull| Inspiration Image

Our Tudor Kitchen: Remodel Plans + Inspiration


The current range and dishwasher (built into the cabinets) will stay for now. The main appliance we are getting in is the refrigerator. We’ve had our eyes on Smeg but after quite a few reviews deterring us, we are landing on a Chambers retro fridge that was just released. This will sit in the far corner of the kitchen, next to that custom rolling piece that we are using next to the range. 

Inspiration Image | White Fridge from Home Depot

We are excited to start getting pieces in place as we have a bit of a runway. We are working to get the cabinets in proper order and get those painted. The plumber will come in next, getting the sink and faucet placed and then the countertops. We are so excited to do a lot of the work ourselves and get to experience the renovation firsthand!

Save this Tudor kitchen look for later:

Our Tudor Kitchen: Remodel Plans + Inspiration

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