The Palazzo Avino is a beautiful hotel on the hilltop of Ravello, Italy. With incredible views of the coastline looking out across the Mediterranean Sea, this hotel is the perfect location to experience the Amalfi Coast. This hotel is known for beautiful lush green grasses to relax, enjoy a fresh cocktail, and just enjoy the day.

The hotel has many terraces and spots to spend the day and only a few minutes from the town, you can walk down to Ravello. Another choice for spending the day is at their wellness center and famous Turkish baths. The treatments are designed to bring balance and the setting is serene overlooking to coastline with gardens for relaxation.

In the hotel there are a few options for dining such as the Terrazza Belvedere for light fares and pasta, or the Rossellinis Restaurant for a fine dining experience. The food at the hotel is known for bringing the local flavors for it’s guest to experience with attention to detail and great service.

The rooms and suites boast sea views or of the famous interior court that centers the hotel. Each room is decorated with fine Italian tiles, 18th and 19th century ornate furnishings and fine linens. The bright colors of the bedroom compliment the Italian charm and have an authentic feeling. Walking around I could see most guests were out on the patio taking in the day with ease.

The Palazzo Avino is a good luxury hotel for those wanting easy access by foot to Ravello and an incredible view.

*Visited the hotel, as always all opinions are my own

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