With the ongoing trend of Australian influenced breakfasts, it makes sense Paris would follow suite eventually. Craft lattes with designs, egg focused breakfasts, and unique sides is the ultimate Aussie breakfast.

Which district would be most ideal for this hip, trend? Obviously, the upcoming 10th. Over off a side street in this hipster district lies the cafe, Holybelly. Naturally I found it off some trendsetter’s Instagram, and thought it was worth a try. The reviews were high and the menu reasonable, so off I was. 

As you walk into this understated cafe, it screams Australian influence. The wood panel walls, a high coffee bar, and a seating area is just a few of the core competencies for this well put together cafe.

So how did the food hold up? Amazing! This may have been one of the best breakfasts on the trip and reminded me of my time in Australia a few months prior. The food was clean, simple yet flavorful. Make a stop here for at least one of your petit dejeuners. Oh, and the service was impeccable – one of the key factors for a repeated visit. 

What to order:
At least one coffee drink
Pancakes with bacon/maple syrup
Poached eggs with the mushrooms as a side

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