In case you have not worn off your feet yet, day 2 has arrived. The first day started with iconic locations and yummy treats. The second day is more a history & political itinerary.

Paris, France City Guide | Part 2

As usual start the day off early. We’re headed off to the Louvre! Depending on how much you would like to do at the museum, plan accordingly. There are enough exhibits to last 10 hours and more. I advise picking the 4-5 main exhibits you would like to see before hand. When you show up it is very hectic but the people at the information desks are more then happy to point you in the right direction. My top choices are the Da Vinci, Master Pieces, Greek Sculptures, and Italian Renaissance.

After the Louvre, take a walk through the magical Jardin Des Tuileries and straight through to the Concorde. The Grand and Little Palace are along the way but the exhibits depend upon the season (check in advance). A few hours in this political district is a nice way to spend the afternoon. After, make your way to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and shop ’til you drop. Finish the day with an amazing macaroon from Ladurée at the end of the walk (Ladurée should be done at least 3 times).

After the day and later into the night, I would take a taxi ride around the Arc de Triumphe and get dropped off at the Trocadéro to watch the Eiffel Tower at midnight. When the clock strikes 12, the entire tower shimmers with glimmering lights. They do call Paris the city of lights for a reason.

Get good rest this night because the next day there includes a lot of stairs!

Bonne nuit


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