When I think about weekends home in the city, I picture slow mornings and long afternoons. With the scenic area of Mount Tamalpais a short drive away, my husband and I often frequent the area for a picnic or hike. The deep blues of the Pacific, cloudless skies, and rolling green hills dotted with wildflowers make for a peaceful day.

This past weekend, avert a cold and windy week, the sun came out and brought with it warm temperatures and a perfect opportunity to take a picnic on the road. With bags packed full of our perfect-picnic essentials, we hit the road in the late morning with our sights set on “Mount Tam”.

As a Frenchie, the word picnic is synonymous with charcuterie, cheese, and a good baguette. Our bag was packed with just that, along with some fresh raspberries, apples, and cold lemonades. We found a quiet spot off the main trail with 360-degree views of Sausalito, San Francisco, and the Pacific Ocean.

When choosing ingredients for a picnic, I look for quality, no-fuss choices to make the food on the go a breeze. My personal love for good charcuterie finds myself loving Columbus Craft Meats for the perfect pairing with cheese and baguette. We opted for their pre-sliced charcuterie sampler which includes Calabrese, Genoa Salame, Italian Dry Salame, and Sopressata. It’s easy to open and share on the-go, no knife needed (plus delicious!). The meats also do not have to be refrigerated which is perfect for an afternoon outside.    

Columbus Craft Meats is also a perfect choice for a Bay Area picnic because they were actually founded right here in my backyard of San Francisco back in 1917 (San Francisco is also the salami capital of the US, who knew right?). With an almost century-long tradition of using high-quality ingredients with the right aging process to create the perfect taste for their meats, it’s no wonder they’re a Bay Area favorite.

As every weekend must come to an end, so did the afternoon. With a perfect Mount Tam picnic in our rear view mirror, we headed home feeling full, and with happy hearts.

*Thank you to Columbus Foods for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

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