The fact that I thought I could visit London in December was well, slightly arrogant. I bit off more than I could chew… And by more than I can chew, I mean to say, I thought I could visit one of the coldest cities in the world during the month of December. I could not feel my fingers more than 70% of the time, thus the lack of photos. Funny – I can walk through Central Park when its 18 degrees, but something about the 35 degrees in London had a biting chill unlike anything else I had felt. Anyways, enough about the weather.

London, honestly I have yet to figure you out. The city was architecturally stunning, the neighborhoods emotional, and the history rich. Around every corner, there was something to capture your attention. I loved the sense of British pride in every aspect of daily life, and you could feel the electricity rushing through the city.

The four days in London were a mix of cafe hangouts, sight-seeing, and getting lost in the streets of the city. Though the weather was a damper, there were plenty of quaint cafes to duck into when the rains would come out. On the day scheduled for seeing all of the iconic sights, we lucked out. The skies opened up, the sun came out, and we had 8 hours of wonderful weather. You can see most of the sights in just a matter of a few hours all the way from Buckingham Palace to the London Tower Bridge made convenient with the tube. I loved seeing all of the iconic landmarks that I grew up looking at in magazines, it almost felt unreal. London captured the part of me that loves to get lost in a city and be immersed somewhere new.

This is part 1 of London, the iconic sights…  (stay tuned for part 2)

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

London Eye

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Thames River

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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