I rarely create a food guide for a city as I find food a matter of personal opinion decided upon quality, quantity and price. Melbourne is a bit of a different story, there are so many places to decide upon that I think I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t recommend at least a few places.

Melbourne, Australia Restaurant Guide

I want to preface this guide with a few rules or rather guidelines to eating in Melbourne.

1) Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. Scratch lunch, lunch is boring.

2) Expect to pay 15-20 a plate, don’t worry, if you’re at a good spot, quality and quantity will be more than sufficed.

3) Breakfast.. Did I mention that?

I found this city to be a lot like San Francisco, different neighborhoods doing different techniques and each genre of food being elevated. Seeing that breakfast is the number one gun, I want to start there.


My two favorite breakfasts were Proud Mary in “Fitzroy” and Kettle Black Cafe in “CBD” (see post here). Proud Mary was out of this world. They had a hotcake dish that had crumbled honeycomb, fresh fruit, a scoop of ice cream and fried mandarins on it. It was my husband’s dish and I think I may have ate more of it then he did.

Another great place for good breakfast is Auction Rooms. Known for it’s top coffee and stunning space, the breakfast here is equally good. Avocado and poached eggs on toast here is a sure bet and pairs well with a fresh piccolo. If in the area, around the corner is Twenty & Six, another top breakfast spot. Order the black sticky rice with fresh seasonal fruit.


Breakfast is always a fun way to start the day and is known to be the best meal. But at some point you have to eat dinner (yes I am skipping lunch). As Australia is close to Asia, you have a lot of influence in the style of food. One night we did dim sum which Melbourne is known for. There are a few top spots like Hutong which is more high end and around the corner there in Chinatown there are plenty of over-packed dim sum places that will do just the trick, where we ate. Another dinner we did was Lucy Liu in CBD which was a phenomenal share-style high end pan-Asian food.

One of my highlight meals was at Jimmy Grant’s, an awesome Greek restaurant over in Fitzroy. Some of the best souvas I have ever had. Overall Melbourne has some of the top food in the world and you can’t eat it all. My tips are to plan ahead, make a reservation at the places you can, and eat small portion plates so you can eat at more places!


Insider tips from our friends Adam & Melissa, thanks guys again for the best recs!

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