Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Who doesn’t love an artsy space, a craft cappuccino, a friendly barista and one yummy treat? Yes another latte photo but this time I am narrowing down the best places for an afternoon cup of jo, a morning caffeine fix, and your next weekend hangout.

My criteria? Friendly to start. This is my biggest complaint in the city and I am not going to pretend that it’s not an issue — no more brushing it under the rug. If the coffee shop is listed on here, it’s because after multiple visits, the average experience had a barista who smiled and asked how my day was going at the very least. Sorry, I am no longer going to pay $4 for a latte and have an unpleasant experience.

Second criteria: taste
Crisp, not burnt or bitter, and tact in the way it is poured. Granted taste is personal, so maybe some of these places may not be on your list but they suit me just fine.

Third criteria: space
Because it matters that much. It doesn’t have to be super sterile, however, I want to hang out so why not let it be an inspiring space?

So you know my mindset in choosing the best San Francisco coffee shops to visit in 2015, now let’s rock and roll.

Drum roll, please….

San Francisco Coffee Shop Guide 2015

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Pineapple wallpaper, the sweetest baristas, and their coffee is dam* good.
Where? 2271 Union St

Elite Audio Coffee Bar

Get any design in your latte! Incredibly talented and they take pride in their pour.
Where? 893 Folsom st

Cafe St Jorge

The quaintest place serving good coffee and an excellent lunch fare.
Where? 3438 Mission St

Mazarine Coffee

It was about time the FiDi received a place like this. Newer, yet delivering goodness.
Where? 720 Market St

Andytown Coffee

Their snowyplover is ridiculously good and their soda bread to die for.
Where? 3655 Lawton St

Saint Frank Coffee

Get the tonic water + espresso and stay a while.
Where? 2340 Polk St

20th Century Cafe

This may be more of a “cafe” but their coffee was good and their European inspired food was even better.
Where? 198 Gough St

B. Patisserie

A go-to for my sweet tooth paired with a hot chocolate — the best pastries in town!
Where? 2821 California st

Jane on Fillmore

A mid-afternoon stop for a bite to eat and their iced coffee
Where? 2123 Fillmore St.

Don’t see a coffee shop on here you love? I would love to hear about it! Email me at Xx

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