Cliche as it is, this town runs on coffee. But not any coffee, we’re talking artisanal, latte art, input to output ratio, $4.75 coffee. San Francisco much like it’s other counterpart coffee cities such as Melbourne and Los Angeles, is known for great cafes and good lattes. Even thought the city is stricken with corner Starbucks everywhere, the neighborhoods are rich with some of the top coffee shops in the country. Each coffee shop is known for their own specific atmosphere, a kind of a roast and sometimes a tasty treat.

Often, people who have taken their time to instagram a beautifully poured latte, come to the city in search for the next best coffee photo. So I thought, since I have joined the team of “latte instagrammers”, it was time to compose a list of top coffee shops in San Francisco. They are in no particular order, as each shop serves a different purpose. Some of the shops are better for aesthetics and others are better for the atmosphere. So next time you are in the city, here is where you should go:

Where: The Mill

Why: Because it is worth the wait to have the best toast paired with great coffee.  Located in NoPa, a great neighborhood to go walk around afterwards.

What: The #3 toast & add peanut butter and an iced coffee

Where: Sight Glass

Why: Amazing building, tons of light & you feel as if you are in the warehouse roasting the beans.

What: Cappuccino

Where: Ritual

Why: Overall some of the best beans around, a little snooty but you’ll get over it after your great drink.

What: Cortado

Where: Blue Bottle (Hayes Valley)

Why: The alleyway is magical and the street art is fun. It’s a small little counter and quite secretive. Cash only.

What: Latte to go

Where: Four Barrel

Why: Relaxed atmosphere, great place to read a book in the afternoon.

What: Drip coffee

Where: Coffee Bar (Bryant St.)

Why: Unique space, free wifi, and great work location

What: Coffee



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