Back in late September, I had an opportunity to stay one night at the iconic Fairmont San Francisco. Atop Nob Hill, overlooking the city, this hotel is truly second to none. 

So what does a night at this hotel + a mattress from Stearns & Foster have to do together?

First off, the bed in the hotel room.

At the Fairmont, many of the rooms are equipped with luxury mattresses from Stearns & Foster. I also hear many people sleep through their morning alarms, and I can see why now. The mattresses’ level of comfort exceeds standards, where even I didn’t want to get out of bed. 

Second, the bed in my room.

I just switched out the mattress in my own room, for a Queen Lux Estate Hybrid Plush Euro Pillow top. One of the best decisions I’ve made in a while thanks to Stearns & Foster. I always think of this one comedian who said when it comes to your bed, spend the extra money — it’s one third of your life! I laughed but let’s be honest, he is ever so right. The plush euro pillow top makes the bed extremely soft yet durable so that it’s just the right amount of firmness in a mattress.

The mattress arrived swiftly and promptly to our apartment this past month and I haven’t looked back since. Excited to be sleeping away the nights on this new mattress, at least the nights that I am home. 

*Thank you to Stearns and Foster for sponsoring this post.


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    My husband and I agree with your review of the Stearns & Foster Fairmont Luxury Plus Euro Pillowtop (took a picture of the label before we checked out because we knew we wanted one at home).. We spent 4 nights just before Christmas in 2015 in one of the newly renovated Tower rooms at The fabulous San Francisco Fairmont, and have been talking about getting one of their mattresses ever since 🙂 It’s was the best we have ever slept on!! We finally ordered one today from the Fairmont Store online after speaking with their helpful and pleasant customer service person, Andrea..Aloha,VF

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