You know it was a great trip when you have no photos to show for it. Too busy enjoying the warm rays of sun, fresh drinks, and diving into that crisp Pacific Ocean.

Santa Barbara is that place where perks of a city meets the relaxed quintessential beach town. Known for fine dining, exotic colors, and always a party, SB is the place to be this summer. Coming down here often (my cousin lives here), I’ve gotten accustomed to the best eats, where to hang, and even Jack at the corner store remembers my name.

Sure, the staples happen every time a road trip occurs to Santa Barbara, but it is nice to mix it up every once in a while. Trying out the new market place and new crudo bar was the highlight of this past week along with experiencing the Solstice festival. This colorful weekend brings everyone in from out of town and the city becomes a lively melting pot of fun and a bit of craziness. The streets are filled with vibrant costumes, confetti eggs designed for smashing on each other, and more glitter then you can get your hands on. It was quite the time and suggest coming to see the parade and partaking in the festival.

Santa Barbara, California City Guide

Where to eat

  • Backyard Bowls: Acai bowls for breakfast, the best around, (hint add toasted coconut and extra goji berries)
  • Juice Ranch: Best fresh juice in the city
  • Scarlet Begonia: Hands down best breakfast, great twists on classics
  • Jeanine’s: Classic breakfast spot
  • French Press: Best coffee in town
  • Empty Bowl Gourmet Noodle Bar: the best and only noodle bar
  • Norton’s Pastrami: Fantastic sandwich
  • Blue Owl: Two things: tri-tip fried rice and Thai basil burger
  • Sakana Sushi: Would fly across the country for this sushi (located in Montecito)
  • Olio Crudo Bar: New addition, pricey but excellent raw fish
  • Four Seasons Biltmore: Fine dining experience on hotel’s terrace (good for lunch)
  • Belmond El Encanto: Fine dining experience on hotel’s grounds (great dinner)
  • Rori’s Artisanal Creamery: Sweet treat
  • McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream: Salted caramel ice cream, that is all.

Where to be

  • Main Street: Best location for boutiques and great shopping.
  • Butterfly Beach: Favorite beach.
  • Santa Barbara Courthouse: Great place to walk around and take photos.
  • Old Mission: Explore old history then enjoy a picnic by the rose gardens.
  • Channel Islands: Great day excursion.
  • Any of the parks, but really any.

As always, enjoy the sun, a delicious treat and kick back.

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