Sundays are and should be for brunch. Bright yellow yolks cracked open, warm crisp bread, and any protein you can pair it with. Of course mimosas or bloody mary’s should be the drink of choice.

On a Sunday in the Napa Valley, specifically in Saint Helena, I stopped for brunch at the revered Farmstead. This is not just a restaurant, it’s kind of a mini compound with many things to choose from. You can go to the “farmer’s market” on the property, walk the gardens, head over to the outdoor cafe, wine taste, lay out on the grass, catch a seasonal concert, or just simply dine your heart out at this top restaurant in the area.

It’s a delightful setting, magical sort of, it feels as if you’re eating at a farm but yet its a top chef preparing the food for you. Of course choosing what menu item you are going to indulge in is a difficult one, there’s the classic brunch menu with some top items or there’s the lunch menu. Husband and I opted for brunch, because it was a Sunday.

I took the Long Meadow Ranch beef and smoked pork hash with red onion, beets, crispy potatoes and sunny-side up egg. My husband took the farmstead benedict with 62 degree eggs, smoked pork, LMR hot sauce hollandaise and crispy potatoes. It was amazing.

The server asked, “What was your first impression Miss?” I replied, “I may or may not have dropped an f-bomb because it was so good.”

The service was phenomenal, our server brought out complimentary champagne for my birthday and even brought out some potato buns I had been eyeing. Farmstead was a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Reservations are definitely needed as it gets quite packed, so plan ahead. An amazing restaurant to stop at if you are in the area.


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