2015 is upon us and it came ever so quickly – at least it felt that way. This year for me is a time to take risks and go adventure. With doors closing and new ones opening, I am so excited for what is to come. Make 2015 a year of new experiences, new memories, and new rituals. Book a plane ticket, go to a foreign country, talk to strangers, do something that scares you… This is the year! 

Here are 15 things to experience in 2015!

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Santorini, Greece has become a special place to me as it was one of my favorite stops in the Greek isles. The people are so friendly, warm smiles everywhere you go, the food was made with passion and the views, well were memorable. I loved exploring Fira and Oia and finding hidden cafes on the side streets. Santorini is a diverse island that has many different ways to enjoy it. These here are the top things to do in Santorini….

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