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After spending hours and hours of travel planning for my husband and I, I realized there were ways to make the process easier. There is so much to choose from when it comes to trains, planes and automobiles- let alone which country you are going to visit. Travel planning should not be a stressful headache rather a fun and enjoyable process to be shared with someone else or yourself. I was that crazy person with the binder with all of the tabs before every trip and stressed about each leg of our journey. Now I sit back, relax, and enjoy the process and because I do, I find I enjoy my travels much more. I found that there are a few key tips and tricks to making the travel planning easier.

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Crunched for time between stops in Europe, I could not pass on the opportunity to go see Pompeii. Staying in Sorrento, I was headed to the Naples airport for my next destination and knew I would be driving right by a chance of a lifetime. Arriving at Pompeii, my driver was clear that all I had was 2 hours to walk around and see all that I could. For those of who you who have been to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, know that clearly 2 hours is not enough time to do the full experience and that 5 or 6 hours is more appropriate. So I put on my shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, and put my game face on.

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