Napa Valley


I think what brings me back time and time again, food and wine aside, is the true passion in the craft everyone is doing. You can feel it when you bite into each food, sip each wine, and stroll through every winery. You are immediately sunk into someone’s love for a special experience, which makes your time more than exceptional. Spending time in Napa Valley was designed to show you what not to miss, where to get the winter dishes, and the wineries to do tastings at. So here it is, I urge you not to have an empty belly, and I forewarn you, you may find yourself putting in some vacation time in shortly.. 

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Visiting the Napa Valley means a few things need to be in order before embarking on a cultural, culinary, and scenic journey. From the beginning of Napa Valley all the way to the end of the valley towards Saint Helena, there are many choices when it comes to hotels and accommodations. This past month I had the pleasure of staying at the Meritage Resort & Spa which is situated right at the heart of Napa. Only about 10 minutes from the booming downtown, it is in the perfect location for being emerged into all types of adventure in the valley.

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“The changing of colors is always a comforting reminder that endings are just preparation for new beginnings.”

I am always a sucker for all things fall. So on a Sunday afternoon after seeing a few photos of Napa Valley online, I dragged my husband out of bed and set out to experience all that Napa Valley had to do offer for fall. The first stop was at the Oxbow Market in Napa for a quick bite at 5 Dot Ranch to fuel up for the day. The rest of the day was spent driving down Silverado Trails stopping at numerous wineries to take in views, enjoy fine wine, and of course to capture the colors of autumn.

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